There may be a cure and other small miracles

Published March 22, 2015 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

Last night I lay down and was deeply asleep by 10:15. This is only remarkable in that I had not taken any of my evening medications.  For the last 11 or so years I have been plagued by the evil goddess that is Insomnia.

My Insomnia is so bad that, unmedicated, I can stay awake for over 24 entirely unproductive hours.

For the first time in over a decade, I fell asleep by lying down and being still.

True, I have run myself ragged (over 5 miles a day logged with no real effort.) what with the High School round of the letters competition and the intense dangerous and extreme lifestyle that is that of the Public School Teacher in the spring

Other small miracles this week include:

Many, many balks at my new seating arrangement, but I did not have to tell Harry (not his real name) to sit down. I have had to tell Harry to sit down so many times that I have actually built in pauses in my lecture to tell him to sit down. This week, he has stayed put.

Three of my sixth grade girls, adorable, be-bowed and be-spangled children whose combined weight is less than 180 lbs. have created a rap group called the “Rapping Narwahls” . They are hilarious. Their beats and rhymes are indeed fresh and their choreography is enchanting.

Three students who have never participated in a scene not only performed well, but also put real thought into a character.

And, best of all, the one student who might have very well saved my sanity a few weeks ago by asking me to teach him how to write plays, is writing in a way that says he is enjoying the process and finding his story.

My classroom may be organized chaos and I am practically drooling with exhaustion, but the learning environment is working.

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