It suddenly makes sense (sort of.)

Published May 22, 2015 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

This has been strange week. I am aware that most of my weeks, minutes, hours and glekmars are all mostly off center, but this particular week was exceptionally ridiculous.

Last Saturday I was taken by surprise when I received word that one of my aunts was not expected to survive the weekend. She was in the late stages of pancreatic cancer and was in a lo of pain, and this news wasn’t  a big surprise. The HUGE surprise was finding out that my grandmother was also on a rapid decline.

By Sunday evening, my family had lost both of these women.

This week has been blur of hurry up and wait and grim determination.  I was out of the classroom all week. I sort of miss my kids, and I will be back on Tuesday, starting the downslope that is the last 10 days of school.

Right now I feel bleary and sad and lost.

My day started out with a bizarre bent: My television spontaneously began to blare Japanese game shows in the middle of the night.  I’m not dead sure how this happened. My response  was surprisingly calm

Most people would have leaped out of bed screaming in horror and surprise.

I rolled over and pulled the blankets over my head.

After far too much thought, it occurs to me that my life has become such a mish-mash of weird happenings that even seizure inducing images underscored by the hellish screeching that can only be Japanese Idol or perhaps some bizarre feline marching band become part of the norm.

So maybe that’s it. Maybe weird Asian Caterwauling is the new normal for me. (Or the world’s worst diner/laundromat)

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