Do not provoke, may cause biting.

Published July 7, 2015 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

Right now my brain is doing the windsock thing and it’s breezy outside. That’s not a metaphor (sheep!) it’s reality. The wind is blowing some knd of heinous histamine haze. ( I love alliteration.) The wind is also blowing some pretty serious thought.I I know! It’s a shock to me,too.)
Last nigh,t I dreamed of zombies. (The little known, underground classic by Proust.) I’m pretty sure it’s because I am rewatching Season Four of the Walking Dead, but it’s also possible that my subconscious is having an existential crisis in light of the recent deaths in my family. Actor Boy also recently lost his grandfather, and simultaneously, is about to become a Big Brother. I feel a lot of his angst and panic as well.
I was able to thwart the zombies, in the dream, I have no idea if this would work in the event of an actual zombie emergency, so try at your own risk, by reciting part of a prayer that is said at the end of the rosary. (I am also a fifth level half-elf cleric who has rebuke undead. That surprisingly did not help when dealing with dream zombies.)
So there’s that big thought. Next is the test thought. I did manage to conquer the Domain I portion of the test. That was the one that was plaguing me the most. I passed that part of the practice test. I’m pretty sure because I chose the answer that was the most counterintuitive and made the least sense.
Now, creeping in is the sixth extinction thought. I’m sure this is will play a large part of my verbal proof of my own non-existence, but for right now, I want to know why. Why are we, meaning mankind, becoming our own worst enemy, particularly to our own extinction? Do we not know better?
It’s just a thought.


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