What in the First World is going on around here?

Published July 14, 2015 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

I try to surf lightly on the wave of news and, ok, reality, mostly because I just plain don’t want to fool with the most things.

I can recall when I first began to feel this way. It was back when I was young and still had hope. Probably around  1987 (My Senior Year of High School.) I’m sure it was in someway connected to the current events portion of one of my classes. I recall having an epiphany as it was revealed to me that Education = Responsibility. Meaning, once you become aware of something you are responsible to choose your reaction. Not choosing is a choice.

This was a pretty deep thought for a 17 year old who was so emotionally immature that she thought it was a good thing to be engaged at this age.

I do wonder if the other thing from that class, a story about a man who was killed in a traffic accident when a large  sign in the shape of a chicken, complete with beak, came loose from it’s truck, flew through his windshield and crushed him, had been a moment of such epiphany.

I still ponder what the man’s last thoughts must have been, and where all of that may have led me.

Any way, this education and responsibility thing is kind of bumming me out today, so I have been tamping it down with The Walking Dead binges.   Which, if you think about it, is a bad way to avoid guilt.

I do glance at the news. One the one side, there is a good chance that this No Child Left Behind Thing will be rethought. One the other side, some psycho hose beast masquerading as a teacher was caught having sex with  a student. Again.  It makes my brain hurt. Especially when I am a mere two weeks of panicking about the job thing.

I am one test away from full certification, and I would like to have a job as the carrot at the end of that particular stick.

So when I”m not panicking about things I have absolutely no control over, I’m trying to make a difference and actually help people. (I know, that can seriously cut into my tv watching and general sloth time. General Sloth, world’s worst children’s cartoon.)

I have some information on that helping other people thing that’s kind of bringing  me down. But I’ll think about that tomorrow.  Meanwhile, y this is a historic event.  This is the first blog to be written on my new Macbook Pro.   Purchased with my hard earned magic beans. It’s shiny and it does make me feel like dreck when I complain about things. It just snarls my whine  right up.

Huffington Post says that Southeast  Asia is a good place to take a digital vacation.

I wonder how the Southeast Asians feel about that.

Maybe we all just need a giant chicken sign to put things into perspective

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