Brains; they’re not just for zombies.

Published July 27, 2015 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

Today is brain day 12.  That’s right, loyal fans, readers and well wishers (meaning you don’t wish me any specific harm).

If you want to do the catch up and review thing: will take you to the dramatization of actual events.

So now that I am a whole seventh grader older, I’m pondering but not trying to think too hard. On the first year anniversary, I got a new tattoo and drank far too much for a stroke survivor. On the second year, my dad and I took a deli tray and drinks to the ER staff at San Juan regional medical center. The fifth year out, I had the “As good as it’s going to get” celebration.  The general rule is that five years post event is about how long it takes to recover as much as you’re going to. (I don’t know who or where these statistics came from; so few people , about 5%, survive this kind of brain trauma, so how do “they” know that’s as good as it’s going to get?

The tenth year I celebrated with my family and Actor Boy with a lot of steak. I was a bit grim because that was the year that EH was officially out of the house and shacked up with the AWT.

It was also grim because local actor and all around great guy, Ryan Roach, had also had a stroke. We were the same age. Ryan didn’t survive.

Last year I officially recieved the go ahead to work full-time. I went on a job interview the day after, so there was no carousing or general rowdiness.  I did not  get that job but went on to the fantastic adventure and learning experience that was my internship year.

Today it is twelve years.  My Amanda Friend took me to breakfast and then to see the Minion Movie.

Later on I will be going over to the Family Compound to pray a rosary of thanksgiving that I survived and also to bring some celebrating back to the house after so much grimness. (World’s Worst Dark Ale. )

We are going to have ice cream, petit fours and pink champagne.

I am also waiting to hear about a job.

I’m going to worry about that tomorrow.

Today is for fun and sparkly things.

Enjoy your brains!

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