still concerned, but amused

Published August 5, 2015 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

Today has been surprisingly action packed, considering my general malaise. (Malaise is my default. It’s either malaise or panic, or panic and sedated.)

I am going to do story time this week at the Burleson Library.  I’ve done it before and I do think the universe has arranged this so I will leave the house and attempt to feed myself a time or two. (Why yes I still have plenty of other things to do like clean my filthy house or organize lesson plans or other productive things,  but I get started on one and start to curl up like a doodle bug for self protection. ) I do baby story time tomorrow, which I love because I get to sit on the carpet and make silly noises. Yes, I can do that at home, but i’s not nearly as satisfying.

I am amused by the whole prospect.  I have also given up any pretense of normality. I was having an actual conversation with the Mom and I said, “So I’m standing there with a t-shirt in one hand and a Platypus in the other. . . ” and it wasn’t a set up for a joke.

I have to go audition puppets for storytime. (Howard,  as the oldest, he’s 36, has right of first refusal but his eye pops out sometimes and that might distrub a baby. ) The puppets without pointy bits and are willing to get baby spit on them are ready to be seen.

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