But here’s why . .. .

Published August 19, 2015 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

I passed my teacher’s certification test. I am officially certified. (Not certifiable, I’ve heard all of the bad jokes. )

So I am now waiting to hear about one of three jobs. I have a friend who knows literally everything that is happening in the theatre community right now and I have done everything but have former students slam the schools’ mailboxe with letters and postcards about how magical I am.

I  had a lot of anxiety about the test that I don’t think many people understood. I did pass and I was fairly certain I would but there was that outside chance that I wouldn’t.

Years ago when I had my final Neuro-Psych exam, my therapist said that although I was still fairly high functioning, I would most likely never be able be an official, bonafide teacher because I would never be able to pass a timed, standardized test. This was due to my processing disorder and he was legitimately trying to be helpful. So here I am 11 and a half years later, I survived an internship year, passed two content exams and the big teacher certification exam.

I think  I have sufficiently given a ” suck on that!” to the nay sayers.

I wrote this particular blog today in order to pump myself up. I’m feeling a bit wan and wee because there is absolutely noting I can do but wait for someone to hire me.

I hate this part.

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