Still not freaking out (I have pills for that.)

Published September 4, 2015 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

So Actor Boy is on the road again on his adventures, but may be returning in a few days to claim his bed and TV that I have been holding for him for the last four years. True, I am sleeping on the bed and watching the TV, but, I’m sure things will work out.

I wish I was as optmistic as I seem about the job thing. Or, I should say, the lack of job thing. I am now on the sub list for four different private schools and two other districts. I also have filled out the ” please alert me should someone drop out mid school year” form. However, EH has made me aware that the mortgage and the house will officially become my problem at the end of October. Fortunately, I am as psychologically prepared for this as I am ever going to be and I have worked that cost into my spreadsheet of expenses. I have it honed down to the bare minimum with a codicil of what it will cost me if I want to eat and feed my cat.  (I know, I could just eat cat food. Wait for it  . . . that was the sound of The Mom gnashing her teeth and raising her fist and getting ready to smite me.)

In the looking for the silver lining category, I auditioned for an all female production of Macbeth. I don’t know what role I will be playing but I think it will be good for me to get out, even if it is for outdoor Shakespeare. In Texas. Where it is still almost 90 degrees at 6PM.

I am hoping that one of the other bonuses to the more relaxed schedule will be more time to write. I have many, many ideas. Oh and there’s that novel I’ve been kicking around.

I have such first world problems.

But in my comfy cozy first world I have running water and the luxury of feeding my coke zero addiction while I wait for “Women Behind Bars” to load on the Hulu. I have books to read and a kitty to skritch, should she decide to begrudgingly move away from the fan and come over. (I know better than to disturb her.)

It’s not so bad.

Just full of cat hair.


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