To be honest with you, I am not surprised

Published September 10, 2015 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

Let me preface this by saying I’m not a sports fan. I do not keep others from being a sports fan, nor am I hostile towards those who are.  That being said, I have to to tell you that I absolutely do not get why my state treats Football like its a religion.

Cracked magazine has this great article about the realities of football here in the great state of Texas:

The article is particularly timely in the light of the act of stupidity that was commited by two high school football players last week in San Antonio.

For those of you who haven’t heard, two students playing for the John Jay High School Football team blindsided a referee during the game. The point has been made that if the grass under their feet had not been the green of the football field, the boys would be immediately arrested and charged with attempted murder.

The main reason that this situation is open for debate and is undergoing investigation even though this assault was captured on camera and occurred in front of a large audience of fans and players.  The story goes on to say that it is possible that a football coach’s comment about a bad call may have instigating this event. It does not surprise or amaze me that this coach is also a football playing alumnus of this school.

Now as an arts educator who was also heavily involved in the arts while in High School, it is not news to me, that atheletes are treated as more equal than their classmates.  This is so heavily ingrained that this treatment begins when a student first starts High School.

I attended a small Catholic school that was a feeder school for a much larger Catholic High school. Only a handful of my 8th grade class went on to attend this school. Of this group, three were athletest. Two girls were on the Volleyball team. One was on the Football team. Guess which one pretended that they had no idea who the rest of us were. (This particular person will not be joining Mensa anytime soon, but there were only twenty of us in the 8th grade class; all of us had been together since the 5th grade, so he really had no basis for denial. I totally called him on it during a Senior Bonding event.  Suffice it to say, he was not impressed by my amazing memory.)

Do children walk into formalized education fully knowing and expecting an Animal Farm experience?  Probably not, unless they  are very grim children with access to books way above their reading level.  So where does this attitude come from? Why, yes, you’re right, it comes from the adults and teachers and the fanatics around them.

I don’t know what’s to become of these football players. It probably won’t be what they truly deserve.  I know the fall out will be far greater for the official who was attacked.

I wish I were surprised.



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