It all depends

Published September 19, 2015 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

Almost all of my days are interesting. I say “almost” because levels of interest vary. I rarely jump out of bed and state my willingness to be extraordinary, and I certaninly never go out seeking dragons to slay or windmills at which to tilt.

Weird crap just happens to me.

This morning the universe expected a lot of me. For some reason everyone on my street picked the exact same time to back out of their driveways, which was kind of neat looking, but very inconvenient. After conquering my street, I headed off to Starbucks for my giant iced coffee. The neighborhood Starbucks would win a prize for worst parking lot design. The exit is often used as an entrance for people to zip through the drive through. No one has taken my suggestions that road spikes be installed, because some of, us actually follow the rules and resent when two cars in a row take advantage of one’s good nature and kindness towards her fellow man, especially when one has yet to have one’s coffee.

I asked the Barista, who is probably younger than most of my furniture, if it would be possible to request a nice spray of saliva in the rule breakers coffee. She looked at me like she thought I was going to pull her out through the window and give her a jostle. I gave her a smile to show her I was kidding (I wasn’t.)

I had a fairly uneventful morning. I joined my father and brother for breakfast at a place that is so homestyle that they tell you what you will be having. You are allowed to chose your beverage. Coffee or Tea.  The food was really good, and my caffeine level was improving my outlook on the human race.

My kind nature and gentle spirit were again compromised as I headed home.  It rained for about ten minutes, and since it’s Texas,everyone lost their minds and their ability to drive.  I decided to bypass the freeway and just drive through town. This was mostly ok, except it was starting to get hot and the humidity level was inflating my hair to the point that it was hard to see out of my review mirror, but ok.  I forgot that TCU had a home game today.  My path home was directly through campus. Again, not a big deal, except TCU was playing SMU. Now I am a TCU alum and I by no means intend to tar every student with the same brush. However, it did seem that some genetics experiment in creating the perfect sorority girl had gone either horribly wrong or incredibly right, depending on your perspective.

Gaggles of long limbed, mini dresse clad, western boot shod blondes walked carelessly across campus, stopping only to brush their long strands of hair from their eyes before they walked right into the fender of my car.

Once again the universe is depending on my kind nature, gentle spirit and cherub like demeanor.

I didn’t bash into anyone.

So far nothing truly weird has happened. I’m not leaving the house again, just in case.

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