Because I don’t, yo!

Published September 27, 2015 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

I rarely quote Kenny Fisher, (Damn! Why you wanna waste my flava?!) but sometimes he says it best.  I am unreasonably tired today. I say unreasonably because I really have done very little today (I think my fitbit is lying to me.)

I think  I’m tired because I had three different events yesterday. (I don’t think flinging wax all over the my kitchen constitutes an event.)  Surely this shouldn’t wear me out.  I should have more energy. But I don’t. (Yo!)

My brain is still going pretty fast and there are plenty of things I have to write about. Apparently as a writer, I should have a wee stockpile of short stories and articles just at the ready should an opportunity present itself.  I think that’s like expecting a horse to show up and tell you he is going to just hang out in my driveway in case a cart shows up.  Except I don’t think my stories will annoy the neighbors or poop in the street. (I’m not likely to do that either, but who knows what this week will be bring.

In a flurry of pretend productivity, I made a spreadsheet of places that might just LOOOOVVE to have some of my unsolicited blurbs should I get my act together and actually get going on said blurbs. I just printed out the submission guidlines for True Confessions.  So I guess I just need to start spouting wisdom. I’m kind of not feeling it.

I have been doing tidbits of research, including a bit on the Orphan Trains. This is particulary resonant with me because I have witnessed the dichotomy of  our society that both expects too much and too little of our children. On the one hand our childrend have to go through a dauting minefield of stressors in order to survive in a world they don’t quite understand; on the other hand, we dumb things down and warehouse our children with no expectation of responsiblity or accountability.

Wow. That’s a lot.

Orphan Trains made me think of it because the Childrens’ Aid Society decided to try and rescue children who were barely surviving in an urban setting and relocate them in an unfamiliar place. I know there are stories there. I just have to find them.

I know, I didn’t mention the class at the Adult Product Store.  I’m still trying to process the information for public consumption.

Shoot! I didn’t see if they had a Fragrance of Love Scented Candle! Sorry, Kenny.

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