And so it goes

Published October 20, 2015 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

You know the phrase, “No matter where you go, there you are.”?

Most of my life serves as the perfect example of this adage. Harken back to the tale of how I sent my 46th birthday when I was asked to create a disturbance and I thought arm wrestling strangers twenty years my junior was the logical choice.

I get older but I just can’t outrun the yutz inside. ( I seriously suspect my inner child reads way above grade level, but can’t get that shoe tying thing quite right.)

Today I had an interview and orientation at a very well respected private school near me.  I have been trying to get on their sublist for months and was delighted when I finally heard back. I arranged my ensemble and styled my hair. I was a bit pleased with myself because the my argyle socks matched the stripes on my sweater, and the frames of my glasses matched my purse.

I felt very pulled together as I assembled my paperwork in a tidy, professional looking folder.

I arrived in plenty of time and had a very productive interview. I do have a whole heap of paperwork to fill out and get back to the offices, but overall, it was great and it is entirely possible that I have found the place where I am supposed to be.

Then came the tour. The school is lovely and is a warm, safe nurturing environment. All of the teachers are very qualified and seem friendly. As I toured the school, I fidgeted a bit with the hem of my sweater. Too my horror, I realized that I had spent my entire, well-coordinated morning wearing my sweater inside out.

Fortunately the only person who seemed to notice was the receptionist, who waited until the interviewer had stepped away to tell me. She said she wanted me to know before I went out.

I gave her a flustered look, thanked her and said, “I AM out.”

I go on to goof around another day.

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