Pandora, Android, Salmander Fish Slug!

Published October 28, 2015 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

I have been extra lazy about the writing thing and I feel guilty that now that I have the super-fast-super -awesome computer, I have been mainly using it to expedite the reading of the articles on Cracked or playing a truly fast game of word mojo.

In an effort to improve this, I have been following the Writer’s Digest 12 day whatever to get your brain potato off of the couch (I have no idea where brain potato came from.)  I have been posting all of the process on my webpage at  I thought today’s was mighty interesting.

Day 7:

Write a letter to yourself telling you what you need to improve in the coming 6 months.

Dear me, (That’s funny!) If I were in the woods, would it be Deer-Mi. (Deer re mi?)  Focus!

There are many things you/we need to work on. Focus is clearly at the top of the list (Don’t you just have to adjust the lens to get clearer focus?) 

So focus. And discipline. We need to get back to a specific writing plan and some rigorous goal setting.  I think we are capable of it, and we don’t have the stress from last year to deal with, so there’s an improvement. So we have Focus, Self-Discipline, Here’s the hard part. Cleaning and organization.  Seriously, the house needs to be dealt with on a regular basis. Think about the nightmare with the salmander-fish-slug getting caught in a giant spider web.  We may think that a salamander fish slug is unlikely, but imagine coming home to that. Samantha would probably not be much help. (She would probably be caught in the web, too, batting impotently at the fish-slug.)  Try doing a bit of organization every day. Start small, like with Mount Sockmore. (Seriously, where did all of these socks come from?)  Pair up three weeks worth of white/sport socks and all of the dress socks, then get rid of everything else. Maybe there is a start-up sock puppet theatre that is in dire need of them.  Yes, I know that they could be repurposed into rag rugs, but unless we have the inclination and means to do so, they are just taking up valuable  real estate. They could fall on us and smother us.

Wouldn’t it be truly stupid to survive a 95% fatality rate stroke to be smothered by a giant mountain of socks or subdued in a giant spider web with a Salamander -Fish-Slug?

Stupid yes, Interesting Definitely. Surprising to those who know me? Sadly, no.

So we have Focus, Self-Discipline, Cleaning and Organizing, what else is there, active relaxing time. Now this is going to be hard because it’s all of the things that seem counterproductive (The most action packed part of the store) to resting.   It means lying still, in the quiet with just breathing in and out.Maybe some soft meditative music, but no popping up and down and no switching back and forth from book to book or book to word search or book to Candy Crush. Just the relaxing and breathing.

I be the Salmander-Fish-Slug would approve.

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