Here are my choices

Published December 1, 2015 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

On the one hand I could wax idiotic how an Emily Giffin book made me want to throat punch the next happy couple I see, on the other  I could shriek how the world could end at any moment and it would be all of our own damn faults.

Let me explain: I read really fast and can consume books at a crazy rapid pace.  My thristy knowledge vortex must consume a vast volume of words and so I read many books and magazines that are the protein bars of the literature world (Some nutrition to be had, mostly candy flavored because you don’t want to have to work that hard.)

I have been enjoying Emily Giffin because her stories are pretty good, have engaging charcters and aren’t too hard on my head.   I have also been delving into Liane Moriarty, who I like more than I thought I would.  (I had been pre-judging her books by their covers, particularly the The Husband’s Secret. That one came out around the time that EH dropped his adultery ridden bomb on me, so I wasn’t quite in the mood to investigate. BTW, that book turned out to be really good.)

Moriarty’s books have a Maeve Binchy-esque feel. Except they’re Australian and have  a bent towards the mystery.

I do read other things but I don’t read as much literature as I should. I blazed through the new Stephen King book, but I don’t count him as pop candy book because he always makes me think.  There are some of his short stories in this collection that I intend to go back and read slowly, not Proust slowly, because who needs that?

Then Karin Slaughter’s new book that I had on reserve became available. It was scary good. (But not scary, just intriguing. I was scared because I read it so fast.) Then I remembered why I don’t read more of Karin Slaughter’s work.  It’s the same reason I haven’t caught up on Damages.  Because I can’t really afford to lose severaldays at a time. (My mother will call the police if she can’t get ahold of me and imagine how stupid we will all look if I’m just welded to the couch ignoring the cat so I can read just one more page or listen to just one more Glenn Close rant.)

So what else do I read? Articles from Cracked, like the one about the 5 ways the world could end that we would never see coming. (Hint, it’s not Zombies, nor is it Aliens.)  I read that and Jezebel and XO Jane because everytime I read legitimate news I want to smash something. The hubris those of us in the first world show is stunning. But it does make my head hurt.

Maybe Emily Giffin could write a happy ending (not that kind you perv) driven novel about a supervolcano changing it’s ways because it is truly in love with the gulf stream, thus ensuring that they could work out  a compromise to save our lazy, fossil fuel consumming, big gulp guzzling asses.

I’d read that.

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