Published December 17, 2015 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

I rarely wake up and say, “This is going to be a perfectly normal day!” In fact, I rarely have anything that could remotely be called a perfectly normal day.

I knew today would be odd because, well, it’s me, and because today would have been my 21st wedding anniversary. My divorce has been final for a little over a year, so it’s still a little shocking that I won’t be having dinner at a new restaurant (new to us) and playing movie roulette with Katboy.   Okay, not shocking as much as crummy.

So there’s that. The odd factor is sufficiently upped because I am still waiting for my Dr. to approve refills of a pretty potent seizure medication that I have been taking for over a decade. (I don’t have seizures, but it is prescribed to ward off migraine and to just generally keep my neurons from deciding to just starts slam dancing.) The lack of this medication is causing me to be woozy and dizzy and a little disoriented.  This is further magnified by the fact that every single thing I am allergic to is in bloom right now. This includes Christmas trees. My sinus are tender and sore, my eyes are puffy and runny and my hair is dry. (The hair thing has nothing to do with anniversary or allergy, it’s balmy weather related.

My roommate, BK, is fully moved in so I knew that would call for adjustment. I have never had a roommate wake up perfectly pleasant and engage in polite conversation over coffee before going about his day.   My only other roommate experience was with someone who was so unpleasant that I wouldn’t leave my room until I knew what kind of mood he was in. So far the pleasantness has continued even thought my prescription has still not been refilled, my eyes are still blurry and my paycheck still hasn’t arrived. But I had coffee and I am about to have meatballs and green beans and watch Drunk History until it is time for me to take night meds and fall asleep because I absolutely have to finish editing and get The Classic up on Kindle tomorrow.

But I have Klonopin.

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