I’m just a shill . . .

Published January 8, 2016 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

The professor who taught me the proper spacing of an ellipses turns 80 today.  She is a hilarious woman with a sketchy memory who agrees that I probably should have gone to clown college instead of grad school.  Well at least I could hit people with a big inflatable hammer.

My brain is kind of tired today and I officially have no idea what’s going on in American Horror Story: Hotel. I am, however, really enjoying Inbetweeners. I have laughed out loud at least twice in each episode.  Meanwhile, my cat is asleep in my purse, which is amusing because she is not a small cat.

I wrote 2000 words on the upcoming book.  I am planning to release The Sound of Two Thighs Clapping, my weight loss memoir as soon as possible, which means next week sometime.  As soon as that is up, Circumstance will also finally make its appearance.  Meanwhile, sales for The Classic and Both Sides: Now are sluggish, as are the sales for Valerian’s Route.

I am doing some research for the next part of Both Sides. Now and Then. The bit that’s up on Kindle is the first of the series.  The stories from this point on will alternate between Casey, who is in the Now and Cassidy who is in the Then.  The first bit will be a Then and focus on the Titanic.  I’m not sure yet where it will go, but I know where it won’t go: to the Affluenza teen. As much as I am trying to distance myself from that, a huge part of me wants to slap him and his mother.  They also caught Drug Lord El Chapo, maybe they could put him and Ethan Couch in the same cell. I shudder to think of the possibilities.

I have read a lot of news feeds and followed a variety of threads here on the intrawebs.  I think everyone would be a lot happier if they took a break and sat down with a beverage and a good story.

Might suggest something from Kindle? Writer Chick’s Kindle Books.


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