Strange and true

Published February 26, 2016 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

The most productive portion of my day was the hour I spent in bed with the blankets pulled over my head.

I have today off, and as always, I had grand plans to clean and write and read. I swept the floor, and am listening to an audio book. I also updated the schedule for my classes for the next two weeks.

I’m feeling odd because I can actually breathe through both nostrils at the same time. This is a big event, and it is overwhelming me with oxygen.  I don’t really know what to do with this.  (I know, just breathe.) My to do list is actually pretty short today, yet I still feel a bit antsy.  I know I need to update my web page and do some writing and editing for myself.

I am still have the pre-stages of panic because of my financial situation. This is all a first-world problem, and I do not mean to imply that I am on the verge of the abyss that is poverty.  I am lucky; I have a home with Wi-Fi and working utilities. I have a reliable source of transportation. I even have a full tank of gas. I’m not complaining; I know that I am lucky.

I had to dip into my savings to pay some bills. Now my accounts are lower than my comfort level.

I should be getting paid within the next few days. Subbing and Side Gigging can help me eke by, I do have to wait awhile for checks to process. I’m ok. And I know I will be okay for the near future. So now I have plenty of room and time to prepare for the two future panic events of my life: How will I make it through the summer/Will I have a contract for the next year and is Donald Trump really,really, going to get the Republic Nomination? And, most important of all, isn’t this a named sign of the impending apocalypse.

I know I band they word about like I’m looking forward to wading through piles of the undead to sit down on a counter and gorge on cheetos, because, really if it is, indeed, the dawn of the dead, who cares about how may smart points are in snack foods: and BTW, maybe a light coating of orange tinted MSG might help me survive.

I’m really concerned about this people. Not in a fury will be unleashed upon the world in waves of flame and gore, but in a wash of indifference and mass idiocy  that will cause all of our future generations to vacillate between vacuous expression to unbridled rage that they try to stave off with handfuls of multi-colored pills or illicit drugs until they go on spree kills or self-destruct

Oh wait. I think that parts happening.

I worried.

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