Oh Calamity!

Published March 13, 2016 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez


Apparently my computer didn’t think I needed to keep the first draft of this blog, so I hope this draft is worthy.

My afternoon has been interesting, to say the least. (I know, Quelle Surprise)  I ran my errands, easy to do today because I can’t do any serious food shopping until mid week after I get paid, so I went to the dollar tree for cleaning products, and then went to get a delicious hamburger and golden french fries.  As I was waiting, I glanced at the Huffington Post.

Yes, I thought I would pleasantly distract myself while standing amidst families enjoying a lunch while I notice that there is indeed a bleach stain on my t-shirt. Nil Desperandum (Latin for Don’t Freak Out)

So what did the old Huff Post have to tell me? Well, the Huff Po introduced me to an article by Daniel Marans(Article can be read here)

The article wasn’t entirely news to me, but it was, indeed disturbing to read how Trump is inspiring a whole slew of racist idiots to rush out and proclaim their rights to their supremacy.  Now, as apolitical as I strive to be, I am still aware of the riots and protestor abuse that is happening at the Trump rallies. Protestor’s are being pepper sprayed and Trump supporters are giving what looks suspiciously like a traditional “Seig Heil”.

I’m truly frightened. In spite of the utter transparency of the Trump campaign, this madness continues.  A student who is both female and Hispanic proclaimed that she really didn’t mind a Trump presidency, because it would be better than Hillary winning.

I didn’t want to point out that she would eventually might have to choose which side of the wall she wants to be on, I just encouraged her to find out a little more about the whole business.

I think the problem is, especially with the younger generation, is that we as a society are so far removed from the Holocaust and the nightmare that Hitler wreaked, that we can’t even fathom of such a disaster happening ever again even when it’s combed over, bloated orange face is right in front of us.

I ate my delicious hamburger as if it would be my last free choice of my life.

On the way home, as I crossed the train tracks, there was a malfunction in the track alert thingy so I was nearly crunched by the lowering arm of the barrier. As I scootched out of the way I noticed the train approaching. I was caught on the track between the barrier and the car in front of me waiting for the light to change.  The light did change and I  started to drive home. In the six blocks between the intersection and my house, two different land behemoths driven by distracted drivers lurched in front of me causing me to have to slalom out of the way. I have since decided that I am not going to leave the house again today.

Again, a hamburger may be the last free choice of your life.  Enjoy it!

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