Just another chop busting day in crazy town

Published April 14, 2016 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez


I woke up this morning with a cat butt in my face.  No, really, Samantha was lying on my chest, resting comfortably with her tail swooshing leisurely across my face.  When she realized I was awake, she walked around in circle, taking care to dig paws into the convenient gaps between my ribs for better traction and then rested again carefully placing one warm kitty paw on my lips as if to say, ” There is no need to complain, crazy lady, I will move when I damn well feel like it.”

I am not one to argue with my cat before I am properly caffeinated, so I used my phone to check my email.  Oh, perfect, a complaint from an actor.  Yay. It is a valid complaint and one that I intend to address but it took a mere three separate communications to placate everyone involved until the next rehearsal.

What’s that, what else is happening that might also be in the chop busting circus? Well, my takes.  The Mom is doing my taxes, because she’s great, and she needed to get the tax information for the mortgage and any related house expenses.

Ok, so I had to track down the Ex Husband. This has become increasingly difficult because EH and AWT now have twins babies. (I do not perceive this to be a problem I have to take on, therefore I have very little patience when trying to contact EH when it comes to dealing with this giant, leaky, foundations shifting encumberance.) He has the tax info but he also filed his taxes claiming the interest on everything. This makes sense because he paid the mortgage for most of last year.  I understand this because I AM A NICE PERSON! What I don’t understand is why I am just now hearing about this.

Speaking of being a nice person, the ABF and I are no longer seeing each other. I’m not seeing him because I can’t raise him via hologram and he’s not seeing me because he doesn’t make an effort and I finally listened to my friends, family and well wishers and realized that I deserve relationships with people who make an effort, to, oh you know, speak to me and occasionally spend time with me.

The rest of my day will be spent cleaning  the floors and clearing some space because I am bribing Batman to help me with props.  We have to create vaudeville type signs, oversized panels for keyboards and train tracks, a giant top hat, segmented into two equal halves, two giant fan blades, something that could possibly be a lamp shade and hat rack branches.

Plus I tutor a child who has spent most of the day doing a benchmark test.

I have to say it is always great to end a day with a sweet little voice calling, “Bye Miss Lynda.”

Plus I’m finally going to watch the new Star Wars incarnation, and pizza, and props and Batman, and probably cat interference.

And we’re back.

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