platitude adjustment

Published April 18, 2016 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

I spend a lot of time acting like a grown-up. (It is kind of a requirement when you are shaping and molding young minds.) I am spending the next few days working in a school library. This means that I will be interacting with children AND adults all day.  This is not usually a big challenge for me, but I have been feeling a little floopy lately and I think I just may experience some of the all too frequent moments where I can actually hear the crazy come out of my mouth, past my brain and over my ears and on to the very impressionable ears of small children.

I don’t know why I suddenly care about this. I usually don’t let my personality get in the way of my philosophy of education. (In fact, my madness is the method upon which I based said philosophy.)  What I do care about is that I seem to be spending a lot of time translating information from kid-friendly tidbits into the kind of grown up speak worthy of my diplomas, credentials and experience.

The by-product of that is the words coming out of my mouth make no sense to anyone at all, even me. So I find myself recycling words, quips and anecdotes that are only vaguely related to the topic. Which makes me look even loopier.

And then today, on the way to Target, I saw a flock of turkeys.  Really. I did.

I was not surprised, after all, an elephant once patted the roof of my car at a busy intersection.

A German Shepherd once hid my checkbook.

A quail threw its body in front of my car.

And a cat often stands on my head.

With all of the crazy around me, of course I have to rely on hackneyed stock phrases.

Of course, since I can recite entire sections of Fox in Socks and Clic Clac Muu Vacas Escritoras 

without looking at the book, I may have upped the ante on default phrases.

Great, now I’m picturing ants climbing up stairs. (Upping the antes?)

And the school where I will be is having a Teddy Bear drive. Three guesses what that makes me think of.

Maybe I need a nap.



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