I’m not sure if this is on the vision board

Published April 27, 2016 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

I have oft been told that visualizing something is the way to make sure your hopes/dreams/mania will manifest themselves. Some even go so far as to create vision boards.(Virtual or real world collages of their wants and desires.)

I get as far as going on Pinterest before I realize that half of my day is gone and that I really want a churro ice cream bowl.

I do understand the power of visualization. I have a moment in time that I desperately want. I have visualized it and I have seen it in real time but not on this plane of existence. I realize the vagueness of that statement, but as I said to my Amanda Friend, swoon.

Lots of things are happening in Writer Chick Land. There’s lots of energy swirling around and it feels like the vortex might actually spit out something that is not a mismatched sock or dessicated cockroach husk. (I know!)

I’m afraid to speak its name because I don’t want to jinx it. And the last time I asked for something from the universe (a simpler,easier paced life.) I got a brain hemorrhage and a seven month detour. I realize now I should have been more specific with my request.

Well, now I am specific and even have film footage should the universe need a frame to reference.

I can’t wait to see what destiny manifests itself.

That being said, I totally realize that if I am teaching Social Studies next year, I will have to deal with the Oregon Trail and other shenanigans of the whole Manifest Destiny thing. The idea makes me bitey and stabby both at the same time.

Why is it please that every time politicos tell the populace that God wants us to do something it involves invasion or blight or just plain rudeness?

I would love to hear that God really wants us to sit down for a few minutes and have a pudding cup with Cool Whip while we enjoy a story.

Now that’s something I can get on board for, visually.

And we’re back.

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