I guess that’s something

Published May 24, 2016 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

So much weirdo crazy bizarre ( I realize that there are no nouns in that phrase, but that’s the only way I can describe it.) happens in my world, that it’s actually kind of difficult to remember what the strange part is.

For example, I finally stopped choking on my Trump-induced rage (and I am by no means finished tirading on that topic.) long enough to actually think about other things, so I thought I could start entertaining some new and interesting thoughts. (I try not to provoke my thoughts. That never turns out well. )

What I usually do is mull over the last few days and summarize with some fun quotes and pithy side remarks.  I had a terrible time coming up with anything note worthy.

Except yesterday there was a live bird in my house, just flying around.  I immediately thought of something my brother said years ago. He said that I would eventually completely lose my mind and wind up with a house full of cats and birds flying loose in the house.   I only have one cat that lives in the house, but yesterday there were three cats lounging in the driveway waiting for me to feed them.

The house cat of record, Samantha, was just hanging out on the couch, not alerting or even looking uncomfortable. I heard some clanking around and some bird-like noises.  It thought it was coming from outside. (There are some relentlessly cheerful birds near my house, so it is entirely possible that there could be a loud bird by the back door.)

The noises were coming from inside the house.

There was a small bird, I thought it was a female cardinal, it could have been a finch, who knows. I wasn’t about to look up the Audubon society’s hotline and get an emergency ID team over to my filthy house, hopping around on a ladder that EH left here. The ladder actually belongs to Steffin Ratliff, so if he wants to come get it, here it is.  So I saw the bird. The bird saw me and flew up to the trees that are in my living room. (I don’t even want to talk about that.)

The bird did eventually go outside. Samantha could not possibly have cared less.

I have no idea how the bird got in.

There are so many questions involved in this story. The most important one for me is how did I forget that this happened? Is my life so strange that I can casually dismiss an Avian breaking and entering? And did this particular tweet-heart (Sorry, I couldn’t resist) drug my cat so that she could do a reconn mission without detection?

The answers are I’m fluff headed, yes and possibly.


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