Not exactly dazed, but certainly confused

Published June 5, 2016 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

I’m feeling unsettled today. I have an entire week off before I have to do anything specific and time on my hands makes me a bit squirrelly (Cue the theme from the good, the bad and the ugly.)  I realize that there are probably squirrels world-wide who take offense at my comparison.

I have great plans for the week: Lots of cleaning, lots of writing, much reflection.

I fear reflection more than a vampire.

What is that Neitzsche quote about looking into an abyss? The abyss might look back?

I’m not so much afraid of an abyss looking back, but maybe an abysmal. (That was meant to be funny.)

I think of the many times I have looked in a mirror and noticed a gray hair, no not gray, white hair standing straight up out of my head like an antenna. Then I get all weird and obsessed (I know, it’s a shock) and go on a gray hair hunt over the rest of my head which leads to me standing too close to the light in the bathroom and possibly bumping into one of the many, many mounds of detritus that follow me around, knocking it over and possibly doing myself an injury.

(Batman noticed a bruise on my arm and asked if I got that when I slipped taking the trash out the other night. I fell. In the street. In the rain. He leapt out of the Batmobile and helped me up and put out the trashcan.  He is a superhero after all. )

Except I don’t know if that’s when I got this particular arm bruise. I may have gotten in then, or I could have gotten it on any number of klutz related mishaps that happen around me.  I regularly bonk my head on things, stub toes or mash fingers, burn the back of my hand taking things out of the oven or drops something. I’m pretty impressed that I have yet to give myself an electrical shock of some kind.

So I have all of these plans to tidy up around the house this week. I wonder how long that will last.

I did notice the First Roach Husk of the season. I wonder if the other planes of existence would mind if pushed some stuff under the rugs in their universe.

This was pretty weird, even for me.

At least there were no coconut crabs (Clack Clack(

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