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Living within the dream

Published August 15, 2016 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

I have been lax with any and all writing these days.  I have plenty to write about, but the crazy busy I have been expecting have indeed arrived.  My big plans for the summer included getting my house organized so I don’t bash my face on anything more than necessary, then that deadline drifted to include to have the back room sorted out so that Batman could move in around the first of August. An unfortunate incident in Gotham forced the move a few weeks earlier and now there are three sets of clothes from three different careers in  clean heaps. (Of course, I am all set to build a very soft, very tall fort if necessary) But that’s not a problem per se

I do have to take another endorsement test by the beginning of September, but I have absolutely everything I wished for on the birthday before last. I absolutely love my knew job.

I also am quite happy and content with my living situation. (Except for the house that I’m in everything is perfect.)  I get to be around someone who not only thinks I’m special but shows me I am and makes me feel like I’m important. I haven’t had that kind of smile on my face in longer that I care to think about.

I can and will write a litany of joy about the job, but I’m tired and drifty and my students deserve the full focus of an effective teacher.

I love my life. I love my job. I love my family and I love Batman.