“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” ― Edmund Burke

Published February 3, 2017 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

I haven’t blogged in almost a month. My heart feels grim. I do have a bit of hope, only because I must put on a mostly brave face for  my students.

What concerns me the most is the inability of the people around me to just think.  (I always have this concern, I’m just hyper aware of it right now. I often have to bite my tongue to keep from saying, “What are you? Stupid? I know this is not a good attitude for a teacher to have.)

I am trying to lead by example and help my students become aware so that they can be good people and make informed choices. This is in addition to not voicing my actual opinions because as a public school teacher, I am not allowed to make a formal, public stand.

Two teachers in my area have been suspended for their political views.

One teacher in Dallas, Tx was suspended for shooting a water pistol at a picture of President Trump

A teacher in Joshua, Tx blatantly expressed her political views in her English Class. This apparently was illustrated by showing a picture of Hillary Clinton thinly disguised as Adolf Hitler.What does this have to do with teaching English?

I work with a former student of this teacher and he informed me that this person was a good teacher. Ok, that’s not the point. (This teacher is also one of the people who keeps trying to console my panic by saying, “It’s going to be ok.” He is a young, white male.  Yes, it’s going to be ok for HIM.)

I have no idea what motivated these teachers to do what they did. Regardless how you feel, as a teacher you are supposed to stay publicly neutral.  That doesn’t mean you have to be a pushover.

As one of my students, a teeny little thing who weighs maybe 50 lbs said,”Shut your yaps and get to work.”

I think it’s time.






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