The Struggle is real

Published March 10, 2017 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

I’m not straying too far from my Challenges; I’m ramping up to something big. I want to make sure that I’m not leaving the impression that I don’t like what I do.  It is hard to find anyone who has taught for more than one year who doesn’t like it. (Note how I didn’t say “good at it” and by “hard to find” doesn’t mean impossible.)

I have been teaching for 25 years and am now in my third year as a full-time certified teacher. I truly love to teach. There are challenges everyday. (There will be whole, super-jumbo fantabulous blog devoted to the biggest challenge of them all)

Right now I’m struggling to stay upright and coherent. It’s very humid today and my basement classroom isn’t very well ventilated. (I have  fan and a few very dusty windows that I don’t want to herniate myself by heaving open.) We are about a week out from Spring Break (The rest of the world is off next week.) and if I don’t get away from these kids soon, I may have to knock one of them down.

But I do love my job. The struggle is staying positive and hopeful while Rome is burning around me and I’m trying not to laugh like  donkey at a kid’s new haircut which makes his head look huge and creates a kind of Frankenstein’s Monster on class picture day.  I am also trying not to shriek in frustration for having to tell two different girls this week that they had to call home because they weren’t wearing pants. These horrors pale in comparison to the daily struggle to keep tape, staplers, paperclips, etc out of the hands of a student who actually unraveled a chair.

This is the kind of thing that lead  me to two exhaustion and apathy caused events.

A few weeks ago I was so sick and tired (Sick because a child coughed directly on me three times the previous week, tired because I didn’t have the joy of breathing out of both nostrils at the same time.) That I overshot the entrance of my school and brushed the gate with my front fender. There is some minor damage to both parties.

Today I woke up so cloudy headed and snarfy that I wanted to stay home. This is a hard call to make when you are one of only eight teachers in the whole school.  And our principal was out this morning, so there was literally no one I could call to see if I could stay home on account of . . .. So I got dressed and went to school. I put on some of my new comfy pants. I thought the pants were a cool grey and I grabbed an aqua shirt, because I thought they would match.

I got to school; I assumed I was awake most of the drive here. I discovered that the pants were not grey, they were kermit the frog green.

It makes me wonder what else I missed today.







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