Is this the on ramp?

Published March 13, 2017 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

So I am still in the pull back on the Tonka truck that is my reality right now.  I still have a lot to say about the state of education, but am hesitant to commit the final words to the page before I am truly ready. (I don’t want the actual diatribe to be a “yeah, she can write, but so what?)

My head is so congested that it feels like  gnome is putting up weatherstripping in my head so it is more energy efficient.  (How eco conscious is my head gnome!)  It is making it hard to hear my students and hard to process any real thought.  I could have called in, but I don’t think I’m sick enough to have stayed home. (Curse that work ethic/Catholic guilt of mine. )

It’s not that I don’t think they cant’ go on without me, clearly they can. I just don’t want to come back to the fall-out.  In general, my students are high-strung. One is practically a chihuahua with an espresso addiction. Any change in the routine throws everyone off kilter. Its mostly a trickle down-The Chihuahua has a meltdown, it causes strife, then people start arguing.  (Sixth grade girls will be a fight with anyone over anything.) I just asked that, all my girls said yes and then the Chihuahua dropped his two cents in and now everyone is arguing about not arguing.

That is an excellent illustration of why I’m reluctant to miss a day with my cherubs. But I’m watching two students sneeze like it’s their job and wipe their noses on their sleeves. One of my students is coughing like he’s at the final casting call for Camille.  I had no question of the origin of this particular cold; I’m curious to know who is patient zero.

I’m seriously bummed out that I was sick( fever, head stuffy, no appetite all weekend).   Batman turns into Blackbeard this weekend. He will be gone until the end of September/first of October. I know this is an excellent opportunity, what with it being a well paid acting gig, but I don’t like the prospect of being trapped with two surly cats and a bossy bunny for six months.

My spring break is next week. I’m hoping that my cold is gone by then. (of course this means that my last week with Batman will taken up by my cold-med-head and tired teacher gal attitude. But I shall sally forth.

I’m listening to a book, “Leave Me ” by Gayle Forman. The inciting incident is a busy working mother who has  heart attack but doesn’t have the time to notice because she has too many things to do.  I totally feel her pain.

This is not a postscript; the thought is at the forefront of my mind today.  Nineteen years ago today, Thomas Dewey Hembree, passed away. He was my Pop and laughed at all my wise cracks. He was a kind, thoughtful man. I can remember exactly where I was and what I was doing when I heard that he was gone. He taught me that it was possible to love someone and not even know it.

No cats on the cloud!







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