Now’s a good time, I guess

Published May 16, 2017 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

I haven’t written anything lately because I haven’t wanted to commit to words while I feel brain dead.

Then I realized that I’m going to sound like a loon no matter what I do; my brain is a dark place and it’s mostly full of bats.

So I’m going to list the things that have crossed my mind that are potentially word worthy:

Teachers and children first

Why I am afraid of Biker Chicks

Can I create a new genre?

Did John Proctor have a point.

What if the windmill I’m tilting at is not full of cinnamon, as I once thought?

Is taco seasoning REALLY the secret to excellent brownies?

Why can’t I find anything I really want to read?

And, of course, am I ever going to be financially solvent?

My playwriting instructor, Connie Whitt-Lambert, once advised me to not be precious with my words.  I have also heard that to stay sharp, a writer should commit to 500 words a day, even if the configuration of those words turn out to be a steaming pile of senseless prose. (Hey, 50 shades of Gray was a bestseller.)

No where does it say when I should write these words.  Right now, I have a few moments because my students are listening to Anne Hathaway read the Wizard of Oz. This is the final novel for the semester. And I don’t care how, but we are finishing this thing by the end of the week.

I spent the spare moments of the last period catching up on grades. I discovered that some of my students consider my instructions optional and that I must set assignments to amuse myself and that their charm and native intelligence will be enough for me to move them along to the Seventh Grade.

What a shock to them to discover that they will not receive grades for work they didn’t do.

As far as my personal life goes, Batman is still in Myrtle Beach. My cat Samantha is dwindling in size and is starting to look like Star Jones did when she first lost the weight (Big  Head, skinny body, except Samantha has fur. I don’t know about Star Jones’ landscaping.)

BatCat Frances is relentlessly affectionate and will actually try tackle me so that I will stop what I’m doing to pet her. The cats have gotten used to each other and Frances is sweet to Samantha. Samantha hasn’t tried to trap Frances in the closet lately.

It’s a very strange world.  I’m running interference with our SPED student. He has Tourette’s and its hard enough to keep him focused on an ordinary day. Today is not an ordinary day. We have a ribbon cutting ceremony for the school this afternoon. (Yes, we have been in session since August 11, but things move slowly on this side of the planet.) Also two key members of our staff, including our SPED teacher, resigned over the weekend.

This has thrown all of us off. Especially our SPED student because he needs routine.

It makes me tired.

And XOJane has apparently stopped publishing new content.

So now I’m sad.

I’ll get back to you on the rest of that stuff.

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