I don’t know, maybe ask Gef?

Published June 19, 2017 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

I am officially released into the summer! Except I decided to take a short term gig teaching summer school because it’s only half a day and I certainly could use the extra money. So I’m done with the full-time gig at one school (You know the one with the sketchy pay history and shaky foundations?) and am wrapping up a summer school this week before a luxurious eight week break before I start a new teaching position.

Wow, it sounds exhausting.  It is exhausting. In fact every day after lunch I have taken a nap. Actually, the naps have been taking me.  As you may know, I generally have trouble sleeping and I often need background ambient noise to keep my brain entertained. (Remember the evil robot lizards?) So I’ve been dozing off to old episodes of Dateline mysteries. Some of these contain bizarre and disturbing stories.  My brain apparently took this as a personal challenge. So while the TV entertained my conscious with lists of tragic disappearances, my subconscious was whipping together a convoluted tale of Batman’s friend Frank needing to disassemble and particle board shed in Tennessee, but somehow we had to wait until Frank’s dog was satisfied with this baseball team’s performance in that evening’s game.  It got down to a wing nut holding the whole thing together, but we were all waiting to for the final go ahead to release it.

As I woke up, the crazy list show was regaling me and Frances (BatCat) with the story of Gef (pronounced Jeff) the clever mongoose. read about Gef here. Gef made his presence known in the 1930’s, manifesting himself in series of grunts and growls from inside the wall of his abode. Eventually he began to speak long sassy sentences, zinging and participating in the family’s conversation.

Eventually Gef revealed himself to be a clever mongoose from India. How he got in the wall is anyone’s guess.  It took me a while and two separate internet searches to figure out that this was a real thing, and not part of my subconscious’ wild adventures.

I’m not sure if all of this is the world’s way of telling me that I need to relax more or if I’m finally having the breakdown everyone has been predicting. In a world that gave us a clever mongoose and several spokespastries, a dog as a demolition  supervisor almost  makes sense.






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