If that’s a wagon, I just might have a band to jump on.

Published July 9, 2017 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

I’m not just writing about this to be trendy, but #buttholegate, the supertrending story that sprang from the loins of a google plus restaurant view of a Vegan Restaurant in Memphis, TN.  (I know! I, too, was shocked and amazed to find that there are function Vegans in that part of the south.)

I ran across this article on the Facebook. It was a reposting of an article on  wonkette.  

I have to say I put my glass of bubble water down and laughed. (If you are picturing me in lounging pajamas glancing at the headlines on my tablet, my outstretched hand gracefully holding a goblet of chilled Perrier, you are sadly mistaken. I was wearing sweatpants, juggling two cats and swilling Black Cherry Flavored Walmart brand sparkling water.)

I laughed for several reasons

  1. Vegans.
  2. Enough vegans in the world to necessitate restaurants in Memphis. (I know many vegans, they are charming people. I just don’t understand why you would want to live a life without the possibility of grilled cheese sandwiches or chocolate ice cream.)
  3. The type of people who own vegan restaurants
  4. People who bring their kids to work
  5. People who let their toddlers run around in just a diaper

With that tone of whimsy I delved into the article.  The restaurant owners completely lost their diaper contents. (Metaphorically speaking.) They did not handle criticism well. They completely lost their cool all over the intrawebs.  The person leaving the review did post a very nicely worded reaction. Chelsea Bartley’s response is at the bottom.

Now, I am not responsible for keeping a child clothed, and I’m sure I would react differently if Actor Boy were to lose the run of himself and decided to prance (clothed) on a table top. I would want the honor and pleasure of pulling him down before he was publicly ridiculed ( I would actually like to privately ridicule him first.)   But I have worked for (Twice) people who firmly believe that children should be allowed to roam freely and explore the world around them. Yes, that is important, but some structure or at the very least, clothing and proper footwear should be a consideration.

I had lunch with my Amanda Friend and TallBoy today. We went to get hamburgers.  I was pleased to notice that all of the children present were clothed and remained seated the whole time.

Maybe it has something to do with Amino Acids in the meat.

Either that or it could be the active presence of parents.



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