I don’t know where to start or where to begin, man.

Published July 12, 2017 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

Strange days indeed.  One the one hand, we have the Donald, Jr. possibly raking for muck with the Russians, and, really, are we Red Scaring again? Really?  Isn’t it time we just hang our heads and decide that half the country laid back and let the other half run amok. As Dr. Phil says, “You can’t change if you don’t acknowledge it.”

I watch entirely too much television. I acknowledge that

A Gimongus chunk of Iceberg, somewhere around the size of Delaware, snapped off of Antarctica and is floating loose in the Weddell Sea. Before you say,”Don’t freak out WriterChick, Delaware is not that big, this is how large that is: 2,200 square-mile, trillion metric-ton.   And I do  realize that in relation to the the rest of the universe that’s just a tiny bit.  It is, but it’s a tiny bit of ice that broke off of a huge piece. And that huge piece has been there for a long time, so when pieces break off and begin to float loose, that is, perhaps a cause for concern.

Imagine you are enjoying a tasty beverage with ice.  During the course of your consumption, the ice shifts and gloms together (Glom is a the term for ice wadding. I learned this in Grad School) Now your drink is coming to the end and you would like to enjoy the delicious droplets off of ice. Now it’s not a huge clump of ice, and you should be able to accomplish this task without too much danger.  You lightly tap the glass en route to your mouth,  an ice piece breaks off and nails you right in the face.

Not a big piece, no, but it did some damage.

Now what?

With so much talk about ice and Russians, I think I need a Vodka Cocktail.

That will give me someplace to start.






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