Sorry, Mr. Manilow

Published July 27, 2017 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

I woke up this morning singing, “It’s brain day! If you wanna believe ,you can have brain break, and struggle to breathe, I said it’s brain day, even if you have to sneeze it can be brain day and I can walk on my knees, yes it’s brain day and I know I can smiiiilllee out of both sides of my head!!!!.”

The cats were not entertained, but Actor Boy sang his song where he rhymed “crazy” with “hazy.”

It’s not every day that you can celebrate potentially fatal brain damage with an interactive musical

Fourteen years ago, while performing Parallel Lives with my co-star Merritt Glover, I had a hemorrhagic stroke caused by a burst aneurysm. Read more here.    After I had recovered enough to be released back into the wild, I was told that at the five year mark, I would likely reach the top end of my brain rehabilitation growth curve, and that it was highly improbable for me to pass a standardized, timed, test.  (I defied within a year by passing both levels of the New Mexico Teacher’s Assessments. The room was filled with the most irritating group of people ever assembled.)

At the ten year mark, I was dealing with the defection of EH and was having a serious life upheaval.  I celebrated with Actor Boy, and immediate family. When I left the house to go the restaurant,I heard that a local actor, the fantastic Ryan Roach, had suffered a stroke. Ryan and I were in a show together years ago and he was a kind, generous human being.  My heart was filled with prayers and good wishes for Ryan.

By the time I got home, Ryan had died.

Here I am at 14 years.  I have a neurologist appointment on Monday.  At my last visit I asked what the protocol for this stage of recovery. I was told that there IS no protocol. There are so few survivors of this kind of stroke, and many stroke survivors succumb to other maladies, so I’m kind of in a group of my own.

I am very grateful for my miracle. Actor Boy made me a pop tart and fetched me a big cold soda. I will be joining my family for dinner and then we are off to Karaoke. Lots of fun and excitement! But no Batman (:()  He is still buckling the swash and will be for a few more weeks.

I am grateful for my world. Even if it’s covered in cat hair.


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