Out,Standing in the field.

Published August 5, 2017 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

I had an interesting conversation with my father a few days ago. We tend to meander from topic to topic, but since we both enjoy documentaries and have similar opinions, (We once had an entire conversation conducted with eye rolling.) we sometimes come to rather astute conclusions.

In an earlier blog I wrote about the fallout of a Facebook post. In the post, I took no sides, just simply mentioned that I found an article thought provoking. As my father and I discussed this, particularly the fact that both sides of the mud-sling were missing the whole point, I had a revelation that I shared.

I told him that I thought Z nation, The Walking Dead, and the other dystopian shows, movies and teen series were taking up the allegorical baton, metaphorically speaking. (I like to use multisyllabic words so my dad can feel like the investment in my education was worth it.)

The point that the sayers of nay (No, I’m not insulting the horses) on the political front, and majority of the cast of the shows, series, etc is that the arguing over minutiae is masking the bigger picture.

The survivors are spending time fighting each other for power when they should be focusing on the fact that the undead are a constant, consistent threat. Because it’s in all of us.

Now in the real world, you know the one where we all wake up hoping that a little bird isn’t going to tell us that we are officially at war with everyone, the various loud politicos and their supporters are busy insulting each other and we miss the bigger picture.

There are monsters out there.

Because it’s in all of us.

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