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Well, Now is, I guess, then?

Published October 29, 2017 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

So life sure has a way of picking you up, paddling you on the bottom and then tossing you down the hallway without much instruction, doesn’t it? Obviously, I didn’t get back to the first part of the Now is Now point (Good thing I wasn’t writing about being in the Now!)

My life moves really fast, which is good because I still have several weeks to go before I get to see BatBeard and I’m really hoping I have the chance to clean the house before he comes home.

On the day I started the Now is Now idea, I got distracted by school work, getting stuff ready for the week and just generally being me.  I do get to create from time to time, one of my better creations was Accidental Chicken Stew.

First you take a huge basket of ungraded math papers and set on the floor so you can sort, grade and stack. Then you put two potatoes on to boil. Return to math papers only to discover that the larger of the two cats has decided she needs to nestle snugly onto the papers.  Then you stand up to rescue the stack of English papers from the other cat and realize that you have to come up with a source of distraction so that you can actually get something done.  Solution: feed the cats and give them a treat, then dash back to your baskets before the cats do. Start grading your papers and faster than you can say, “I TOLD them to SHOW the work!” you notice the smell of something burning.  Go back to the kitchen and notice that you have quite effectively boiled down the water and burned the arse out of the pan. Toss the potatoes into a new pan and realize that you had no idea what you originally intended to do with the potatoes, so you grab the milk out of the fridge while thinking,”Mashed potatoes sound good.” Because you have one eye on the other room, to prevent any new cat invasion, you don’t notice that the splash of milk you intended to dash, has turned into a glop. Now it’s too soupy to make mashed potatoes, so you grab a can of chicken. The cats notice you are opening a can  and immediately think it must be something for them.  Open the can and dump the entire contents in with the potatoes, put the heat on low and go back to grading with two disgruntled cats.

Now is Now part I

Published October 16, 2017 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

It’s been awhile (Great. Now I have that Staind song stuck in my head.) Since my return to the Mother Ship, I have been inundated with paperwork, lesson plans and learning the ropes at a new school.

I am on a mission that is very very very important I not screw up.  This is giving me a bit of anxiety, loads of happiness and some damn terrific moments.  It also takes a lot of my focused, coherent thought time (I know, it was news to me that I had ANY of that. )

It is half past early in the morning and I have a eight luxurious minutes before I have to blaze out of here and jump in the line (New, better song, my favorite version is by a little Austin band called Schrodeniger’s Cat. ) of a Monday.  A lot has been happening, most of which I can’t specifically talk about, but I did kick off a weekend of the whumps (A term coined by Esther Hembree to mean something on the sad side of grumpy) by watching The Green Mile.  Great movie, not much of a knee slapping comedy.

It didn’t do much to lighten my mood.  BatBeard wants me to stop watching the news. I can’t, because I promised my students that if we are on the verge of apocalypse, I would bring cupcakes.

Which brings me to Now. I’m writing this in pieces because I don’t have a lot of time.

Now it’s time for my mission.

It occurred to me a few days ago that a large part of my job is to teach my students how to be kind.

And sharpening pencils.