Watch this space!

Published December 4, 2017 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

Last night was night two of Holiday Related Headache. (Please note that during the school week HRH has more than one source, each exacerbated by the Ongoing Pine, and also exacerbated by fully grown adults saying “exasperated” when they mean exacerbated)    To alleviate this head pain rewatched the newest Patton Oswalt special. He mentions something his late wife, Michelle McNamara said

“It’s Chaos, be kind.”

I’m really going to try to live this today. I’m really going to try to pretend that we are more than likely on the brink of nuclear war and the word magicians in charge are trying to divert our attention with other news that’s not really news.

Here’s my day as scheduled:

7:45   Join my cherubs in the gym for morning prayers and pick-up, and try not to cringe at what new distraction someone brought to school

8:00 Take roll and lunch count while telling the same three kids to sit down and get started on their spelling assignment, remind them that we do, indeed have a test this week.

8:15 review words with students, try not to scream when they are confused by the parts of speech that we have gone over EVERY SINGLE WEEK FOR 12 WEEKS.

8:30-  Continue reading the novel Farmer Boy. Remind the two students who still haven’t finished the summary assignment from last week that they need to do this

9:00 scoop up all work and retreat to the Teacher’s Lounge for coffee and grading while the Spanish teacher takes over

9:30  Go back to class for Math class, try not to  notice that everyone seems to have been reset to default blank over the weekend.  Attempt to review long division, assign homework so parents do not bury you with queries about why their student doesn’t have homework.

10:30 If they finish Math, jump ahead to a reading comprehension article.

11:00  Lunch

This is the plan. I will let you know how it goes.

It’s chaos, be kind.








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