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What, happened.

Published February 16, 2018 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

I have been working on my second novel for slightly less time than the first one. (In case you missed itCircumstance)

The characters have been in my head for almost a decade, and for a while I toyed with calling it “What. Happened.” Then I realized that selling, publicizing,etc would soon look like an Abbot and Costello routine, and that I should probably figure something else out. (That something out is “Intentionally Left Blank”.Coming eventually.)

The title stuck with me because after some huge disaster everyone is always running around like a blind dog in a meat locker asking, “What happened?” The answer is usually easy. What is what happened. This means events have defied all description and there is no way a logical mind can put it together. (Even someone who his mostly non-logic has a hard time tossing the pieces in place. )

This week is weird for me (weirder than usual)  A year ago Monday, the world lost the bright light that was Fayth Norman. She was my student and she was killed in a murder suicide by her grandmother. So, yeah, that has me a bit down.

I also decided to try Whole30  for the first chunk of Lent, so I went ahead and started on Sunday, even though Lent didn’t start until yesterday.  Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent, and this year, Ash Wednesday was February 14,

Now Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday. True Red is my favorite color, and I am drawn to the heart shape-It’s the true symbol of eternity because Love is the only thing that is Always.  Well this year, my sweetheart is in Myrtle Beach, doing the pirate thing and while I know that I will be with him in a month, I can’t help but remember that it will be a few months before I see him again, and the who knows?  Grim indeed.

February 14 is also the anniversary of my grandfather’s death. Angelo Gonzalez was a true saint on this earth and his death marks the 15 year long decline in my brother’s health. That is a story for another time. (Suffice it to say that I am fully prepared to have to leap out of my classroom to help the Mom handle something. )

For several days I have been poised to spring back into writing something because I certainly do have something to say. I am working on an official, well researched diatribe on the disaster that is Logan Paul and  the trail of ignorance he leaves in his wake. I also have plenty to say about the day to day madness that is my work life (I love it and there are many, many stories that will make you guffaw with laughter and a few that will make you tear up a bit.) I also have an entire bucket of anger to aim at the current administration and their inability to protect the poor and feed the hungry . (Seriously, boxes of canned goods instead of food stamps? Are you seriously saying that the poor don’t deserve fresh produce and fresh dairy? Are you trying to create a new Mongol Horde?, you know those guys who were starving, had no hope and nothing left to lose so they invaded and pillaged and basically destroyed their current civilization? )

And then there is the recent school shooting.

As a teacher, this kind of thing is particularly chilling.  My students generally only talk about Takis, the lunch menu, and Logan Paul, but today they all had something to say about the school shooting. They are scared. So am I. Because I know exactly how I would react if a shooter were to barge into my classroom.

I would keep them safe  at any cost.

Because we have lost to much.

That’s What Happened. S