St. Joseph lost his head and it was all downhill from there.

Published March 9, 2018 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

I have very strange days. I am constantly reminding little boys that it is in no way appropriate to sumo wrestle in front of the prayer altar and trying quash squeals of delight from three students of which only two are girls.  In my last blog, I was a bit spent from unpacking fifteen years of emotional baggage into one confessional onto a very surprised but remarkably hip priest.

My students rallied, perhaps sensing my level of tension and spent on entire morning working! Silently! Productively! Three days before Spring Break! I took a picture to prove it happened.

Unbeknownst to me, a statue of St. Joseph fell off of a shelf causing the patron saint of foster parents to lose his head.  (He’s fine now, someone was dispatched to the hardware store for some Gorilla Glue so St. Joe is back together again). This is when the day took a turn for the worse. Some of my students had presentations that day and for the most part they were very good. One of my students went to the library (!) and asked a librarian for help (!). I have two students who have yet to turn theirs in. Tomorrow is the last day. I suspect I will be seeing some amazing feats of diorama and poster making.

Today was a blur because I only got five hours of sleep last night. BatCat  thudded out of the window and knocked the power cord going to the TV askew (I have to sleep with the TV on, otherwise I have dreams about Evil Robert Lizards and Aliens who want Egg Recipes.) causing a series of strobe like flashes to come out of the TV. I did not want to have a seizure at 3 in the morning so I had to get out of bed and fix it. I did not get back to sleep.

It’s not all bad, I will probably sleep great tonight and probably real soon, but first:

SHAMELESS SELF PROMOTION: Tomorrow through March 13, all of my Ebooks will be FREE on Kindle!

Read them!

Rate Them!

Review Them! (Even if you hate them!)

St. Joseph will love you for it.



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