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I think I may have just made that up

Published September 23, 2018 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

I was talking to my Amanda Friend and Angry Old Guy, when I realized I may have made a word up that sounded  perfectly cromulent in context.

I was in mid-rant about the many, many things I am unprepared for that I have to face in the coming week, and I mentioned that I had enraged the Mom because I suggested that having a biopsy may be preferable to the conferences and in-services I have to attend this week.

I said, “I’m not being hyperbolic; I really feel that way.” By vocally providing punctuation, a correctly used semi-colon, I endorsed the usage of that word.

(BTW, the word does, indeed, exist. It is not, however, connected to linguistics; instead it pertains to mathematics. )

It’s amazing how a cleverly delivered phrase presented by someone who has a history of knowing what they are talking about can convince learned people that such a reality, etomologically speaking, exists.  (Boy, I just used a lot of big words. I am so SMRT.)

That was an awful long way to go to intro my current state of angst and panic (attorneys at law) It is my sincere belief that we as a people and community and republic, cluster, group, coven, family, tribe, club, etc are in a constant state of bewilderment because of the level and quality of input streaming into our collective consciousness.

This isn’t news or even a clever observation. It just is the way things are.

I have been reading some cleverly and thoughtfully worded essays on Medium.  Some of these essays are repostings by journalists and writers who have already published on other platforms.  (You should check out the sight, there are some cool things there.)

Most of what I have gleaned simply sharpens the fine point of what I am already thinking.

We are in trouble.

All of us.

No matter how you feel about immigration and politics, if you endorse mainstreaming the  traumatization of children you are part of the problem.  And the more you deny it, the bigger the problem grows.

People have stopped caring about each other.

I’m not sure why.  But we don’t have time to figure out the what and how.  We need to focus on the fix it now part.



How far?

Published September 3, 2018 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

My pal Charlie Parrish (Star of Stage and Screen and all around damn fine fellow) recently posted a video Check it out here.

I thought about this and it has been resting in the back of my head while the front of my head has been teaching, living and trying to sell my house without choking on my own rage.  My answer was immediate.

I will go as far as it takes.  Over the past several weeks I have mentioned that what I have been alluding to for as long as I have been teaching may actually happen this year.  I have told students that when I finally snap, it’s going to be huge.  I think this may be the year.

I grow weary of complacency in all of its forms.  I am tired, tired, tired of waking up in the morning and checking the CNN tab to see what fresh hell awaits on this day.   It is laughably absurd.

Truly, it is, I actually laughed out loud at a faculty meeting whilst we reveiwed safety procedures.  (It was one of my famous laugh so hard I can only squeak out a Muttley like hiss because I can’t breathe.)

School safety is no laughing matter.  But the absurdity peaked when I realized that I have been in all of the scenarios outlined in that video, including the possible creepy looking clown lurking in the neighborhood scenario.

The immigration situation hasn’t gotten much better. It seems that the last Republican with compassion and sense has died and our current adminstration had to be nagged into honoring his service to our country.

Let there be no mistake. A man who honored his country by making a sacrifice few of us could or would was not memorialized as he should have been because the President was having a tantrum.  Even the petulant, sycophantic Sarah Sanders indicated that this was a mistake. This is a woman who would pretend that global warming isn’t happening whilst looking at a polar bar fanning himself in the window.  (What’s a Metaphor? Sheep!)

I am currently listening to an audiobook that I am enjoying so much that I purchased a hard copy of the book.  This cost me about $15 dollars, or a tenth of my monthly consumables budget. (Consumables include, food, gas, cat food and toilet paper.)  The book is Vox by Christina Dalcher. I have been listening to it in bits and pieces and I know I will reread it because it is so good.

Vox is set in a dystopian world where women are only allowed to speak 100 words a day. Shocking (no pun or spoiler intended) to say the very least.  As the story unfolds in my ears, I cringe in horror and shock and fear. Because, like the Handmaid’s tale, it happens in the after. But unlike the Handmaids tale, it takes place only a year after.  The bits and pieces of how this happened are truly frightening.

They are frightening because the events are very, very close to what is happening right now.

Right now.

It started, in the book, with an administration who wanted to return to basic values. The figureheads spew rhetoric that is so absurd that people ignore it because surely they won’t be elected because some voice of sanity will break through.

It makes me think back to what my pal Charlie said,”How far are you willing to go?”

As far as it takes, my friend, as far as it takes.