Well, if Jerry says, it must be true.

Published March 26, 2019 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

According to Writer’s Inc., Jerry Seinfeld says you should do as he does, and schedule a block of time to write even if it’s just for an hour.

Well, here’s the thing Jerry, if I had an hour without a specific focus, like teaching, herding cats, building props, buying food or cleaning my filthy apartment, I would probably be asleep.

I really am trying to write more,especially since it is the side gig that helps me pay for food, because I’m a teacher and I don’t make enough money and I’m too tired to drive for Uber because I’m old and oh yeah, I had a stroke, and if I don’t want to have another one, because, lets be honest, another stroke will probably kill me and I would probably have to die immediately because I only have one sick day left. I have that day left because the TWO times I went to the ER for illness and horrifying head pain, I didn’t take the full amount of time I was entitled to because we don’t have enough subs and I would get even farther behind on my grading.

This whole thing I’m writing now is in the five minutes I have left on my “planning”. I only have five minutes left because I had to make copies and then try to find a diplomatic way to tell a parent that reading has to be done every day.

But, Jerry, if you want me to write, send me some of that Seinfeld money.

I will probably squander it on food and school supplies.

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