It’s a SentiMental Health Journey

Published April 3, 2019 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

It is now seven weeks before the end of school. We have a novel to finish, reports and dioramas to be created, a big combination of Science and Social Studies to work on a Big Question.

The Big Question is a combo of Classical Eduction and Socratic Method Lite.

In Social Studies the question is What effect is humanity having on our environment?

We have gone through several articles from the social studies angels. And we are following the TEKS for Science where we have learned about Biomes and Habitats.

We have just covered plant and animal adaptations. Next we will take a rock, observe it, take notes, then paint the rock to give it personality and an adaptation. Next we will take the rock out to a habitat in the school yard. Each day we will go and observe. Then we will do some creative writing, surmising what the rock is thinking as they go through the day in their habitat. When we’re not talking to rocks, we will be learning the scenic of the habitat changing. A few weeks ago they did some biome research. They also drew butterflies that would go in that habit. I want them to plan what they would would have to do to make their rock suitable for their biome. Ultimately, they will compile the notes and turn it into a picture book. ( I love my MacBook.)

I had a lot of things I wanted to say, but as my plan of self care requires me to go to bed early and the Ambien just kicked in.

I promise I’m not having a breakdown. Meltdown, maybe.

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