Not Bradley Cooper Again!

Published June 7, 2019 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

The school year has ended and while the madness never truly ends, it has at least, slowed down. I have today off and I’m supposed to be cleaning and writing and otherwise being productive, but, instead I am discovering new (to me) movies and shows, because, as you know that teaching thing has really been getting in the way of my leisure activities.

I have been watching hidden gems on both the Hulu and the Amazon Prime.

Yesterday I watched “Swearing Allegiance” this gem is a renamed, but not at all polished Made for TV movie about the Texas Cadet Murders. No cadets were murdered. On the contrary, David Graham a cadet at the Air Force Academy and Diane Zamora, a cadet and the Naval Academy, murdered Adrianne Jones. But no one every mentions that part. The movie, while in and of itself hamfisted and does no justice to Dee Wallace Stone’s talents and does in fact make Holly Marie Combs look horse nostrilled and shrill, is mostly inaccurate. It also leaves out the part where the Jones family insisted on dropping the death penalty so that the Grahams and Zamoras wouldn’t have to grieve the death of a child. The movie insinuates that Adrianne had sex with David thus prompting the rage of Diane who insisted Lady Macbeth-like, that the only way to win this situation was murder.  They also left out the facts as stated by Graham post trial that he “made up” the brief affair with Jones.

So a child was murdered by two other children over a complete lie.

The other movie I watched was quickly cobbled together simulated reality movie about bullies.  This is what happens when I misplace the remote.

So today, I sat down to work on some articles. I am keeping up with my free lance gig because if someone doesn’t force me to write, I apparently just won’t do it. I absolutely can not work without background noise and I can usually work quite efficiently with the TV on. Today, my heart and mind just weren’t committed to churning  out articles on psychic healing, so I cruised around on the  Amazon Prime app and wandered in to a movie called Case 39. I had never heard of it before and it stars Renee Zellweger who didn’t look too bony in the trailer, so I gave it a look. It is about a social worker who, like many of us who work with children, gets too invested in the life of a client and winds up being terrorized by a child who is not at all what she seems. (I don’t want to spoil it for you.) Imagine my shock and amazement when Bradley Cooper popped in. I think he  plays a psychiatrist. It does not end well for him.

I don’t mean to verbally trounce Cooper, especially since the Buzz feed tells me that he and his lady love, Irina Shayk have split. Judging from the amount of hotness Shayk shows in most pictures, she will be just fine. (Seriously, the pic of her the gold dress, if my boobs looked that good I would just whip them out at the deli counter. well, I still want to teach on this planet, so probably not.)

Anyway, it just seems like once I settle in to a good, suspense filled movie, Bradley Cooper rears his adorably shaggy head and then goofs up the place. I say this from a place of respect and curiosity.

BatBeard and Actor Boy are also goofy and shaggy and I sure would like to see them pop up on the Amazon Prime or the Hulu or the Netflix.

Maybe if I got a gold dress

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