About Writer Chick

I have invested a lot of time and education in careers that are less than lucrative, but have made me happy.  I have been a Theatrical Producer, a Children’s Librarian, Theatre Teacher, and Freelance Writer. I spent a year as a full-time theatre teacher and now I am certified for Theatre and English and Social Studies. I am now working as a full-time teacher teaching English and Science. I am also certified to teach Math and Social studies for grades 4-8

I fully acknowledge that I am an adult, but I don’t really want to be a grown-up

I have a cat, Samantha, who is in the constant pursuit of the elusive red spot that chases her up and down the hall. I now play host to Frances, an energetic Ginger cat who officially belongs to Batman, but acknowledges that I handle most of the cat chores.

I have an assortment of Fabricated Americans who serve as comfort and support and occasionally as helaing totems.

My personal life is complicated which tends to compromise my cherub-like demeanor.  The best drama in my life comes from the success of my protege, best student, and honorary Son, Actor Boy,  Dustin Kane Nolen.  He is now gracing the airwaves in the Four Corners region. I also have discovered, largely through the efforts of S. Lamar Wilson, AKA Batman, that I am no longer dead inside.

And if anyone cares, my credentials:

MA-Performing Arts, Drama (Texas Woman’s University)

MEd- Educational Research and Collaboration (Texas Christian University)

BA- Theatre Arts (Texas Wesleyan University)

Ella C McFadden Scholar

James L. Turrentine Scholar

Texas Commission on the Arts recognized Arts Educator

State of New Mexico Certified Librarian

Alpha Psi Omega, Theta Omicron Chapter

International Thespian Society Troupe #7156 (Honorary Member)

Hemorrhagic Stroke Survivor, here-to-after referred to as a MBH degree (My brain hemorrhage) Awarded July 2003

2013 Langdon Review of the Arts in Texas Featured Playwright.

Certified Teacher Theatre EC-12; ELA/Reading 4-8; ELA/Social Studies 4-8

Core subjects certified 4-8.

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