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And in other news . . .

Published July 25, 2016 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

I slept far too late today.  I really intended to get up and mow a path through my house. It is seriously a pit  (All of the other times that I have complained about my house, it was actual Home and Garden photo worthy compared to what it looks like today.) Did I leap out of bed and take on the world?  No, I did not.

I woke up mostly on time and glanced at the headlines.  There was another shooting. This time at the teen night held at a night club.  There were a few other headlines on the old Huff Post that were reprints of previous editions and it took me a minute to realize that it is actually July 25, 2106.

So instead of jumping out of bed and shoring up some of the potential landslides in my house and possibly putting things away, I decided I would much rather build a blanket fort and cuddle with Batman.

The world’s problems didn’t go away but I did recover enough to get some errands done.  I also listened to a podcast about H.H. Holmes.  I did not know that after he left Chicago, he had every intention of building a second murder castle located in my home town.  If it hadn’t been for a horse swindle gone awry, he would have built one here in Panther City.

Now my world is crazy enough without having a murder castle somewhere within driving distance.

Speaking about driving distance, I had a fantastic adventure last week. The driving part went ok, Batman kept the remarks about my driving to a minimum and we arrived at our Airbnb with perfect timing.  We slept like the dead and wandered out to meet Actor Boy for an early lunch. I was thrilled and delighted to hear my kid’s voice come out of the radio and I actually squealed with delight.

Actor Boy looks healthy and mostly happy. He’s working really hard but loves his job.  He and Batman are both smokers so they had that at least to talk about. Although you can smoke Marijuana in Durango, you cannot smoke a cigarette within 10 feet of any business entrance.  This made the two of them a little growly. I have to say a ruckus was created.

Fortunately, no arrests were made and there were no injuries.  Actor Boy got such a kick out of it, he invited Batman to do a feature called Liar Liar on the radio show.

After making arrangements for the taping, Batman and I took a stroll through downtown Durango and found ourselves at an Ice Cream Parlor. (Note to self, investigate why Ice Cream is considered company formal.)

We walked in and approached the counter. While I was noting that they were almost out of an almond blend with chocolate chips, the two clerks, both of whom were about high school age, making them thirty years younger than both Batman and I, perked up and locked their gaze on Batman. They offered him a taste of the fresh apricot ice cream . The more nubile of the two bopped around prepping the ice cream and asked if he would like a double scoop. (I definitely heard the entendre.) Batman, remarkably clueless for a superhero, said that he would like his second scoop to be vanilla. The nubile bopper asked which he wanted on top.

Meanwhile I am still standing there waiting to order. No one seemed particularly interested in what I would like and if I would be interested in a taste of fresh anything. I ordered quickly and when I got my ice cream I fished out some money to pay.

Neither cutie even made eye contact with me and if Batman hadn’t taken the money out of my hand to give to the cashier, I would probably still be standing at the counter, ice cream dripping down my hand. I have never eaten an ice cream cone before it was paid for (That is another story.)

This was the beginning of our adventure.

The Ice Cream was really good.

It might have been something I said

Published August 24, 2014 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

So I got a full-time teaching job.  I’m excited and overwhelmed and overjoyed and a little nervous. I have it on good authority or at least in the opinion of my friend, CWH, I don’t have to actually become a grown-up, it’s still theatre.  I’m excited that I will finally have my own classroom, albeit temporarily empty (I just wanted to say” albeit”)

I strongly suspect that I will have many, many things to write about in the upcoming days, especially since I’ve only been a full-time teacher for 36 hours, have yet to met a student and am already so floopy that I not only put my pants on backwards this morning, I also put my shoes on the wrong feet. The capper was the fact that the shoes were from two different pairs.

I have many, many things to do. It will be an adventure. I get to be a part of the amazing.  I know I need at least three shots of espresso followed by two cups of coffee, doled out over six hours to be a fully functioning cog in the educational machine.

My own private Why-daho

Published May 1, 2013 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

The following is what I wrote prior to my adventures this evening. Since these events happened in real time I’m assuming they are true and actually did happen. (I know,I think I sound crazy, too.) I joined my friends at Trivia tonight, where I once again attempted to drink my volume in coke zero.  There were a few things that struck me as odd (I know, just a few things?) Things have seemed a bit off about a new acquaintance and I was verifying the peculiarity with my Amanda-friend. I did not get a chance to tell her that I had an almost direct opposite instinct about a guy whose hotness was proclaimed before I met him. When I saw him, I wanted to lean back and nonchalantly ask, “You’re Satan, aren’t you?” (I did not ask.) I also found it odd that every single question in tonight’s game was as unfamiliar to me as if I had spent the last couple of decades in some kind of suspended animation. That’s not the case; I’ve been out of grad school for a long time. As we were leaving, I trotted out a few ways that I think this whole truth search is going. One of them, which I will, of course, develop later, is that I actually died ten years ago when my head blew up and the shenanigans of the last decade are actually a purgatory of my own making. That actually makes sense to me. Then I came home and sat down to pick up the blog where I left off (The bit that’s in italics.)  I remembered that I needed to call and refill a prescription. Thanks to the modern age and the good people at Walgreen’s (They now deliver, by the way, please ask your pharmacy staff for more details) I was able to do this. As the touch tone refill service was repeating my contact phone number, I was a little startled. The number they gave me was the phone number I had about four years prior to my head blowing up.   This is especially strange since I have at least five other prescriptions at Walgreen’s and they never have given that number.  I don’t think Walgreen’s was even open in this part of the world when I had that number. Maybe I’m just full of soda, but strange doings are afoot.

In my journey ( and yes, I feel like  a douche calling this reading-truth thing a journey.) I realize that I am a big Why-sayer. Most of my life, I ‘ve been asking why. (Mostly as in, “why not me?” but such is the life of an actor. Good thing I mostly outgrew that.)  Now I’m asking why all the time. It doesn’t matter why, really, the outcome doesn’t change. I don’t know if understanding the reasoning behind some event makes the day to day horror a little more palatable. The why’s have lead me to the realization that most of the books I have been reading are from the female perspective, I don’t know if that’s a subconscious choice or if there is some truly sexist reasoning behind it.  I am very fascinated at how the role of women has evolved, and yet the roles available for women have diminished