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Well, there you go, Part I

Published July 17, 2017 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

When I was in high school, the Drill Team had a chant they would do with the Cheerleaders. It was called “Gigolo.” (Yes, the perfect thing for spirit girls from a Catholic school to be chanting about.) It went like this, “Gig-o-looo. Hands up high, feet down low, that’s the way we Gigolo.”

I was in the band and even then I didn’t suffer fools gladly. I remember thinking as I shifted uncomfortably in my oh so flattering band uniform,  (White jeans and oversized polyester top designed to look like a pirate tunic. God knows why. We were the Vikings. They actually measured us for the uniforms but could only afford the tops, so they ordered everyone’s two sizes too big so they could be used in perpetuity. )  “Is there any other way to order one’s hands and feet?

If everyone has their hands above their feet, shouldn’t they know where to go? One would think.

Except I’m not dead sure if anyone is really thinking anymore.  I hear a lot of reacting, but not a lot of thinking.

Last week, on Facebook,  I reposted an article by Leonard Pitts, JR. The article originally appeared in the Miami Herald. You can read the article here. It’s a commentary on we, the people, six months into the Trump presidency.

It’s a thought provoking article. Give it a read. I posted the article, but only prefaced it with, “That’s a great question.”  I didn’t say anything else for two reasons: I wanted to see what response the re-post would get. I am a teacher and I know better than to post actual opinion in a public forum.

This re-post blew up with comments, mostly from people I don’t know. All foisting their own agenda on the public.  One comment said that the article used  highly flawed broad generalizations. Another comment said that if “Someone” made statements about Obama, they would be considered racist, or if “Someone” made statements about Hilary, they would be considered sexist.

First of all, who  is “Someone?” Mr. Pitts, Jr. makes it very clear that he is author of the statements within the article, and nowhere does he say anything that has not been documented.   His article is not a court document.

His article assembles words to make the reader think. Some people chose to react, without thinking.  All I said in my repost was, “That’s a great question? ”

Another great question is, “Why do we have to be told which way to go?”   Our hands are above our feet. Shouldn’t we know which way to go?