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Eeew! Why would you want to?

Published July 8, 2017 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

I’m wrapping up a near perfect day with a Cold Case binge.  The thing I love the most about this show is the flashbacks. I am always wowed by the deftness of the casting director; the actors for past and present pair up beautifully.  The thing that I’m not so fond of is the tangential stories about the personal lives of the detectives.

Yes, I know that no man is an island, blah blah blah and I am the first one to remind you that characters don’t just poof into being, but some of the side stories are kind of unnecessary.

The episode I’m watching right now, Late Returns, unravels in a moderately icky fashion SPOILER ALERT FOR ANYONE WHO PLANS TO REWATCH ALL SEVEN SEASON OF COLD CASE FROM THE VERY BEGINNING. I say moderately icky because the victim wasn’t killed by the sister who lusted after her brother (I know! EEWW)  The victim was actually killed by the brother who was having a psychotic episode because of the afore mentioned lust.  The most EEWW part is the side story with the long suffering Lilly Rush (Now SHE has a great character information. She grew up poor with an alcoholic mother, played by a very dehydrated looking Meredith Baxter. Poor Lilly has a n’er do well sister named Christina who shows up and throws monkey wrenches into everything.) Anyway.

In this episode one of the side stories links up Lilly with one of the D.A.’s.  She casually mentions to him that she saw him chatting up another of the new assistants.  (Ok, this is a major city and the D.A.’s have time to chat and date? I’m just a fourth grade teacher and I can hardly find the energy to pack a lunch for the next day.)  D.A. Charming says that if Lilly can make a commitment he will “cut the other girl loose.”  And Lilly says , “Ok.”

Really? Ok? What kind of guy uses another woman as bait? And Lill, why do you want to be with someone who treats women so casually? Also, they let this tool practice law?

I love this show.

I had a lovely birthday lunch with my mother.  (Yes, I know my birthday was over a week ago, but my birthday can extend well into the month of July.) It was a fancy lunch at a fancy restaurant and it was perfect.

But now I’m full of chocolate and meat and other delights, so I’m just going to recline and bloat while I yell dating advice at a fictional character on a show that was cancelled seven years ago.

It’s not working

Published January 22, 2016 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

I did not get called in for a specific job today; my plan was to write and start the tidying journey of the room I lovingly refer to as Mt. Crapmore and here it is nigh on to noon, CST, and I have gotten as far as reading my email.

My Amanda Friend says that I should listen to my conscience and subconscious, both of whom are on in blanket fort on the couch, and rest and nap.   It’s tempting.

A bazillion years ago my brother answered a Myspace posting asking what he thought my job would be if I wasn’t involved in theatre. He said, “True Crime Novelist.” (I know, how can it be both True and Novel? Truman Capote and Erik Larson are masters of the genre. My copy of In Cold Blood is  staring at me right now.  It would definitely be a good day to catch up on my reading.)

I think that is definitely a good job for me. I am interested in research and True Crime and after listening to what is meant to be spooky, crime drama podcast that somehow made cult murders sound droning and boring, I know that the genre need a specific voice.  I’m just not doing very well at the writing without a real deadline thing.

I think I may  have a severe case of the crummies. I don’t feel 100%.  Maybe if I had something that would drag the muse out if its cage and get it going, I would be able to jump right into it. How do I find a worthy story?

Well, check the crime articles on Huffington Post (because I have no other source of information)

  1. The actor who voices Squidward on  Spongebob Squarepants has been arrested for DUI. Interesting, but I don’t want to read a whole story, much less write one, about it.
  2. Coco Austin shares a bikini picture. How is that a crime?

With stories like this to chose from, I went to cold case button. The one that grabbed my attention for the longest amount of time is the case of four bodied found encased in steel drums and burked in New Hampshire.  The deaths occurred over 30 years ago and have been ruled homicides. (because no one dies of natural causes and is ceremoniously sealed in a barrel)  The bodies are of an adult woman and three female children between the ages of 1-11. The adult and two of the children  are linked by mitochondrial DNA, so they are related, but the nature of the relationship, as is the identity of the third child is unknown.

Advances of forensic science may lead to finding the identities of these people.  (You will note I do not explain the process. My math skills make my science look great.)  Article Details here.

In my opinion, the story is in the third child; who she is and how she wound up with the people that caused her to be killed.   There are stories in the whole event, the circumstance and the identities. I think the mystery is in the most obvious unknown. (I’m not dead sure what I meant by that.)


In other words

Published April 11, 2012 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

I’m pretty sure I used the apostrophes in the right way.  Does anyone else read the word “apostrophe” as “apostate”?

Or is an a postrophe an award giving to the best employee of the US Postal system?

Yes it is going to be that kind of day.  I am feeling contrary.  I have no idea why.  I had kind of a mixed bag sort of day yesterday. I had some good writing experiences and bad writing experiences.  I made a little over a dollar for writing a television description, it took me less than 10 minutes to write and it boosted my overall ranking, and I wasn’t doing anything productive anyway, so why the hell not?

I am on the constant search for something fun and exiting to read, so I went to the library. (I really wanted to go to the bookstore and drink coffee, but I didn’t want to spend any money.) I always bypass the books that people tell me “I should read”

Being told I should do anything is a great way to get me to not-ever-no-way-Charlie do it.

Except for watching NCIS.  I am a devotee of Crime Drama and not just because I like Danny Pino and Shemar Moore (mmm, Shemar Moore.)  I have never watched NCIS because everyone tells me that I would love it.

Oh really?

But I did cave in and get the first four episodes on DVD at the library.   It didn’t cost me anything and so far I haven’t done anything with it except move it from one side of the house to the other.  Giving the DVD a tour of my home made me realize that I need to sweep and/or vacuum. This lead to a whole Cookie Mouse wandering that eventually lead me to changing the sheets and running a few loads of laundry.

This happens to me all of the time.

I’m not sure if I’m going to get to NCIS today.  Tonight’s line up is Cold Case (Danny), Criminal Minds (Shemar), Law and Order SVU (Danny) Cold Case (Danny again) and Criminal Minds (Shemar).  So craggy old Mark Harmon will have to wait