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I think I am a Dorkus Malorcus

Published January 22, 2014 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

It could be I’m getting too busy to pay attention to what I’m doing. This sounds insane, and it’s not on the job, just at home. I keep misplacing things and fumbling around trying to get things together. Having Actor Boy here kind of rumpled my routine, and my routine wasn’t set in stone yet, so the whole thing is having a ripple effect. I am way behind on my writing (contract and personal) but I do have some really good ideas that are just waiting to spring out of my head, Athena like. (See what I did there? My brain is functioning on some classical reference level, which you know will come in handy when I forget how to cross the street and the police have to come and fetch me. I will respond, “I was afraid Sisyphus would lose hold of his rock.” I don’t see that turning out well for me. Or the rock for that matter. Not The Rock, I’m sure HE’s doing fine.)

The previous paragraph is a perfect example of how things are drifting around in my brain.

One of my on the job observations is that I am very lucky to have a sassy brain( take a minute to picture a brain in a mini-skirt, pigtails and a Ramones T-shirt.) because I’m rarely bored. The job I am loving the most right now is my library job. I get to work with my BFF and a lot of cool folk. I also get to touch every single book in the library. This is great because, of course, my brain finds plenty of things to say about author photos, book flap descriptions, and what people leave in books.  It does make my head feel rather chatty; I drown it out with audio books.

I have only been in the classroom for one day this semester. I still love to teach but it does get frustrating when you are limited by lesson plans, class sizes, apathy and thinly veiled bullying (and that’s just the adults!).

I am still trying to wrap my mind around some things that I saw while I was teaching in a densely populated inner city school. Suffice it say that my personal safety was never compromised and the kids were fairly well behaved. The other observations will need so further thought and research on my part.

The question is: When do kids lose the desire to learn? What causes it? How do you get it back?  And how can I keep Julia Roberts from playing the part in the movie when we all know that Kathy Bates or Gabourey Sidibe would completely own it?