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Maybe we’re just terrible people.

Published July 21, 2017 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

I’m dragging my feet through the last few days of my summer break, trying to cram in all of the things I meant to do in June, except I  worked most of June and am still trying to catch up on my rest, so I’m way behind on the to do list.

Batbeard got me hooked on Apple TV. (I started to say, “Hooked up” but realized that I watch entirely too much television and it’s JUST SO DAMN EASY to link my Apple devices and, you know the first hit is free and then suddenly you’re watching a marathon of Disappeared and I sure hope I wake up in time to switch over to Dr.Phil on my iPad and now it’s a serious addiction.)

I’m trying to pace myself by having a safe mix of TV, cleaning and gathering school supplies. I’m trying to mix up my TV watching with some fun stuff, new stuff and, of course, crime drama.  With that in mind, I decided to watch something that the Netflix said might enjoy.

I watched Friends from College.   I was trepidatious. I’m not a big fan of  Cobie Smulders. (It’s not her fault. I tend to make snap judgements about beautiful people who make an ass load of money largely in part because they are beautiful people.Seriously. I’m sure she’s charming)  But I am fan of Fred Savage and truly love Billy Eichner. There is not enough Billy and Fred in this show. I was not familiar with the rest of the cast but now that I’ve seen a diminutive Asian female play Stanley Kowalski, I’m not sure I want to see the character played any other way.

I almost divorced the show after the first episode, because (This will not spoil anything) one of the major conflicts in the show is the affair that two of the main characters have been carrying on for twenty years despite being married to other people.  The one friend in the know remarks that the affair has been going on for longer than their marriages.

Maybe it’s just me, but I am not amused by casual infidelity and matter-of-fact lying.   The female half of this liar-team, Sam, played by Annie Parisse made me tense. Mostly because I felt a little sorry for her because she seemed legitimately tense about her lies.   The male half of the team, played by Keegan Michael Key, made me want to punch something. I gave the show another watch while I was cleaning toilets.

This seemed a fitting metaphor for what I understand was a grim one in human history. The fleeting news clips that I caught indicated that the one John McCain, possibly the last sane Republican, has brain cancer, and our President doesn’t know if he’s wants to apologize for his recent trashing of McCain’s military career.  Anytime the President opens his mouth the entire country winces.

A Bazillion years ago when I first started teaching, I defined the word “culture” as “what is left behind to represent a society at a given time.” This was to give my students some perspective on words, word choice and art as a whole.

I wonder what the future will think of us, what with our Friends from College and President of Today.

Could we be terrible people?