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Moles to whack.

Published December 26, 2012 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

I almost called this “Cursing the random mole.” But sometimes a mole isn’t always a mole.  I didn’t want to leave the impression that I sit around staring into a mirror waiting to pound various skin eruptions into submission.  (There ARE some things that are too crazy for me to do.)

What I was trying to say with the title (Titles are my worse thing, almost as bad as my tendency to parenthesize my tangents.)  is that while there are some topics that become emergent, there are some that just pop out, mole like and to properly whack them back down, I must follow them to their sometimes absurd, but mostly logical conclusion.

I am making myself get back to the normal. It’s not easy, because someone gave all three of my nieces a Furby for Christmas.  It’s not entirely bad, but when they get going (The Furbies, not the nieces) They just don’t shut up until you turn them to face the wall. (This sometimes works with the nieces, but it’s Christmas, and I wouldn’t have the heart to do that.)

So I’m sitting here trying to write, and I can’t focus on a specific topic (Not that this is anything new.)  But I can’t really pick out one topic on which to write.  When I find myself in this situation, I go to XO Jane and cruise the articles. There is always something comment worthy.

Interestingly enough the article I read, one of the It Happened to Me things, was actually something that Katboy and I had talked about. (Not the topic of this particular one, just the concept in general.

The actual article brushed on the topic of the Misery Memoir. In case you are stumped (Not that kind of stump, although if you were a tree, you would probably prefer to read something online and not on paper, because reading something on actual paper would have an Ed Gein-like creepster vibe.)  the Misery Memoir is the “I had a truly heinously awful childhood/trauma/bizarre experience, and here it is in graphic detail. ( I AM IN NO WAY SLAMMING OR CRITICIZING PEOPLE WHO HAVE SURVIVED THESE EVENTS AND WROTE ABOUT THEM, IN FACT, SNAPS TO YOU, SERIOUSLY.)

The most well known of these is A Child Called It, by  Dave  Pelzer.  If you want to a list to consult, Goodreads has a good one featuring several by Cathy Glass.

I have had quite a few interesting things happen to me, but I don’t really know if they are “It Happened to Me” material.  I think a lot of them are more, “It Happened to Me, but so what?”  By the time I get enough perspective on one of the truly bizarre things it feels like it happened to someone else and I start thinking, “Well, that was stupid, so what?”

I think that particular mole is whacked for awhile.  I won’t be surprised if it jumps back out.

My niece is talking about the way different genders approach Kleenex disposal.

I didn’t expect that Mole.