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Finally! Circumstance is here!

Published April 10, 2017 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

After many, many moons the novel (well Novella) is here . Circumstance the novel! is now available on Amazon. If you have Kindle select you can read it free of charge.

This has been a long journey.  It began with a small notebook and large salad at Fuzzy’s. As I ate my salad I observed a couple who was clearly at having an awkward second date or possibly morning after the first date experience.

The girl kept leaving to go to the restroom. She was either in the yakking stage of a hangover or trying to call someone to rescue her. I kept watching them and a story about how she was leaving because she had an eating disorder and the guy didn’t want to break up with her because she was emotionally fragile, but he was kind of seeing someone on the side, spun out.

The side girl, who he thought was a random rocker chick from the club next door, was actually a homeless runaway. The homeless runaway turned into a character, Vanessa Riley.

The story then became hers. She had the life of an entitled teenager from a wealthy family in Baltimore. She was in love with her best friend’s brother, Charlie.  This from this came the story of Charlie’s whole family. Eventually the story turned into a crime novel, with Vanessa’s murder making her the last victim of a serial killer.

After many, many drafts with many tangential side stories, including Vanessa’s mother drowning her sorrows in too many martinis and falling into the welcoming arms of Charlie’s 19 year old best friend, it became clear to me that the real story was between Charlie and the killer, Robert Stephen Nichols.

Nichols has his own series of tangents and back stories.   He was a pure sociopath who freely admitted his guilt when the game was clearly finished.

The novella has been finished and edited for quite some time; I was just waiting to hear the results of a writing contest before I published.

Please check it out and if you love it, review it. In fact if you loathe it, review it!

If my consistency is not foolish, can I still blame the hobgoblin for my little mind?

Published August 5, 2014 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

I don’t know if I should trust Ralph Waldo Emerson. I mean,to the best of my knowledge he’s never stuck me with the bar tab or done anything else to make me doubt his sincerity.

I am consistent. If nothing else,  I can maintain a status quo. I’m trying to decide if I should buck the system and try to take my practice tests with what will probably be a migraine in a ll of its nausea inducing, light wincing glory. Right now, it’s just a tiny throb over my temple and nose.  (World’s worst fetish erotica.)

I’ve been writing a lot, not just out here on the blogosphere, but also in my journal and some novella developing that is giving me fits because I am second guessing myself. Hmm, wonder why I would be doing that? Aggressive codependency aside, there’s a lot  going on that I have been either repressing or deflecting or otherwise beating into submission with flash rhetoric.

BBB brought me some pages of something I wrote when I was sixteen. I have only leafed through it because I fully acknowledge that I was very naive and socially immature and to be honest I don’t need the tsuris.  (That’s not a typo. Look it up and learn a thing or two.)  I couldn’t help but notice that my writing style is exactly the same.  Wandering and tangential with little bits of sarcastic explanation. I also included a rather thorough cast list of which actual person inspired which character.  I guess I thought the veil was so thin, I might as well not bother.

I am amazed that I am still trying to alter reality by creating a world that I could control and manipulate. I still refer to people in code, not necessarily to avoid my embarrassment. There is not a single thing I have said that is not my perception of the truth. (You see how I can create my own loophole?)

So I am consistent in style and not a little in fact.( I love the smell of rhetoric in the morning.) It’s all part of the thing I’m trying to figure out and piece together.

I should probably start with the corners.

Chew, new, you decide

Published March 20, 2013 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

I have been a little shaky and distracted for the last few days.  I think it may be delayed exhaustion from the trip, or it could be residual fall out from the startling realization that I may actually be the pawn between good and evil (I kid about it all the time, but it may be possible.  I guess just like cleaning the cat pan, someone has to do it. Yes, I do feel as if I am wrangling cat turds for the universe.  This has been your philosophy moment, brought to you by the good people at Tidy Cat.) 

Anyway I had an odd experience yesterday, it wasn’t really a deja vu kind of feeling, or even a time weasel feeling. It was more of a I-think-I wandered-in-to-an-alternate-ending feeling.   This made me wonder if this is the director’s cut and if it is, wouldn’t I be the director. No , not if I am the pawn between good and evil.

In other news, my job future seems to be coming together.  There is a job opening (part-time) at the wonderful school where I sub. I think I would excel at this job, but I won’t mention specifics because I don’t want to jinx myself.

I also just negotiated a bid to ghost write a romance novella.  It is for about 10,000 words less that what I did last year for the Omaha Steaks people. It is for the same amount of money in the same amount of time.   I think I can do it. 

It makes me tired and makes me wonder if I’m biting off more than I can chew.  But what else is new? I have to keep the powers of evil and the time weasels wondering what my next move will be.