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Sponsored by Sharon and Sarah

Published December 29, 2012 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

I spent most of today rereading a book I don’t really remember reading in the first place, “Dreamland” by Sarah Dessen.

I’ve always enjoyed her books and I have read most of them so I got it on Ebook from the library to reread when my brain was too tired to process new information.

There is a quote from the book that made me pause

” It’s funny how someone’s perception of you can be formed without you even knowing it.”

It very neatly sums up thoughts I had when I finished reading “Annexed ” by Sharon Dogar

Annexed is the story behind The Diary of Anne Frank as told from Peter’s point of view.

Imagine if you will that billions of people worldwide have a perception of you based solely on another’s person’s thoughts and impressions of you over two years when you were not at all your best, to say the very least.

How do you comprehend a total stranger’s very being based on skewed ideas of what has happened around you?

My mind is boggled.

This is why I need crime drama and more TV.  My brain has a tendency to get me into trouble.  My neurons are shouting and racing around, a lot like my nieces who are in the other room playing Mario Kart.

They are making less noise than my own head.


Long road trip tomorrow.

I’m going to go bribe my brain with Ambien and an episode or two of silly animation.



maybe it’s the context, not content

Published April 6, 2012 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

Day before yesterday I had no idea who Samantha Brick is.  I strongly suspect very few other people in my area code did either.

My husband is a software engineer whose knowledge of pop culture is limited to what has been happening in the music world for the last century or so and has been mostly focused on his intense job/music schedule. He had heard of Samantha Brick, in fact most of the engineers in his Geek-osphere know who she is (they said that she is “British Pretty”)

I’m sure by now, everyone is familiar with her article . Her article has gone viral and it seems that everyone, except possibly, the Mormons that roam my neighborhood, have an opinion  I haven’t seem them in awhile, so I haven’t asked them.  Her “don’t hate me because I’m beautiful” article is accompanied by pictures and references to her other articles.

Because I love knowledge, in fact, I yearn for it, I found and read her other articles including this one outlining why her husband will divorce her if she gets fat

Then of course, I had to check in with xoJane on the topic:

and it made me reflect.  This proves that I’m not a vampire.  Writer Somer Sherwood mentioned that the main thing people are snarking about is that Samantha Brick does not appear to be as attractive as she claims to be.  Sherwood brings up a good point.

Does it matter what the writer looks like?

Some of the comments on the XOjane article mention the assholic nature of Brick’s husband, whose helpful advice borderlines on the downright abusive, and cite this as the cause for Brick’s almost defensive stance about her perception of her appearance.

Whatever it is, now everyone knows who she is and is reading her work.